Good Morning! It’s 37 degrees, blue skies and sunshine. Just thought I’d share a few random pictures of what I’ve been up to …

Last week we had a 13th birthday celebration for Josiah {when our guys turn 13 we make it a special occasion – “entrance into manhood” type thing}. Friends and family {mainly people who have really impacted Josiah} gathered to share words of encouragement and exhortation + food and fellowship. We were blessed to have 2 families from NH and WV into town at the same time … which made for a busy weekend filled with much FUN!


And … we got our 2nd “snow” of the year. So much fun, despite the fact that it never actually covered the grass. 😉







In addition to having guests {speaking of which, we will soon be welcoming another small crowd into our home – so exciting!}, the majority of us have been making time to workout. Some will gather in the big room upstairs, twice a week for the “ironman” workout, while others prefer to stick with their own unique workout programs. Several are preparing for the Spartan race, and Josiah is gearing up for his big “manhood” trip to the Adirondacks next year!


This morning was the perfect time for a run through the neighborhood with one of my running buddies. We are enjoying this cool weather while it lasts, because NC summer are hot and HUMID!


Yesterday we celebrated the {actual} birthday of Josiah and Timothy! Josiah is 13 and Timothy is 8. These little men are growing up so quickly!


A highlight of today was getting this video in my inbox {just prior to posting it on all my social media channels 😉 }. Check this out! My dad is on Fox news, addressing one of our biggest national issues. I’m so proud of him. ❤



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