“The Christian is one who has a reason to smile and this reason doesn’t change. . .ever. The Christian possesses an indomitable joy, an impervious sense of gratitude, and an ever present buoying grace that supplies, not just an endurance through difficulties, but shouts of joy in the midst of the darkest of life’s turns.” -Eric Ludy

Mid-February we had some friends from KY come into town for a weekend. Our first official visit with these crazy amazing people happened last Summer when 5 of us kids served as staff at Sunshine Camp on their ranch. If we thought we knew each other before … now we REALLY do. 😉 What a blast!

We went ice-skating the day after we arrived! FYI, I still have purple knee caps {prior to their visit I only fell once in a life time}. 😀 And yes, I bought a pair of ice skates off Kimberly so that I can get good at this before they come back lol! 
A lot of laughter and happiness took place in the kitchen.  Kimberly brought buckets of snow from KY for Tiny Tim {they survived amazingly!} and one evening we made snow cones.


And naturally, we packed as many games as possible into 1 short weekend …


FYI, we did take a family photo on the last day. Brystol shared it here.

Just days after our guests left, we had sickness go through. I fought it off with Lemon Honey tea for a while … before succumbing to some of the milder symptoms {mainly a dry cough and some nasal congestion}. I tell you, this stuff WORKS!

The business is still going strong … and growing. One day I fixed up a batch of Immune Booster Wellness Tea, and some Deep Healing Herbal Blend. I’m also getting orders for our favorite French Press. Obviously it’s sick season.

There’s always time for sister-brother outings. Quality time + heart to heart … over a frappuccino.

Math time with my little buddy. Always in PJs if possible. 😉

We love to get away for some time at a local park … especially on a beautiful Spring day when skies are blue!

When you have an uncle who just happens to be a certified NRA shooting instructor … and owns more guns than you can count … why on earth would you NOT take advantage of the shooting range?

Obviously I am very much in need of a little work {ahem} … Uncle and David had a more distinct “hole” on their targets. But hey … I can hit a 3 x 5 card and that’s a start!


Video of David shooting here. He is really getting this down! #soproudofhim

Sun setting over the tree tops on a stormy night.

On the way to the shooting range, this brother and I stopped at our favorite old Hardware store to collect some seed potatoes and a few additional vegetable seeds. Time for Spring planting!

Sunday is tomorrow … which means fresh baked cookies! Peanut Butter Blossoms, Chocolate Chip, and Lemon Crinkle cookies {with essential oils}. Love that our church serves fresh baked cookies every Sunday between morning study and service.  

A sister and I were blessed by the Galkin Evangelistic Team Irish Concert. One of our friends {who we also attend church with} is a musician on their team so it was fun to have her back in town! Hannah posted a fun video of one of their songs here. The Orange Blossom Special {sounds like a train!}. 🙂 They also shared a beautiful gospel message, and sang some Irish hymns.

This week I lost a friend. It was a blessing to be able to visit him and say goodbye; also to visit the shop where his art studio is and write some notes in honor of him and for his family. It’s amazing how circumstances like this can refresh your perspective on life, and challenge you to re-consider what it is that you are living for today, and what you will accomplish in this lifetime.

Just a fun and TRUE reminder for today …


Let Jesus be your joy, your strength, and your single focus today. ❤

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