I Said Goodbye to My Allergies

Hello Spring!

Well at least, it feels like you’ve arrived. Warmth, sunshine, blue skies … flowers and trees in full bloom.

I used to dread this time of year {along with Fall}, because with the budding of flowers + all things green and very much alive … I would SUFFER.


Allergies will do that.

It’s amazing how the smaller things – dust, chemicals, pet dander, pollen – floating invisibly through the air, can be such a PROBLEM!

But this year I’m feeling very much ALIVE. No allergies! This is possibly year 3 or 4 of truly being FREE from allergies. Not that I never have the slightest problem – last week I had some difficulties after sorting through some things from our attic. But when I look back over the span of my 22 years of living I’m observing this:

  • My face is not swollen
  • My throat is not itchy and swollen
  • My eyes are not itchy and watery
  • I’m not sneezing
  • I’m not having difficulty breathing
  • I sleep well at night
  • I wake up feeling normal
  • I go to bed feeling normal
  • I ENJOY being outside – I’m a huge fan of gardening, sports, outdoor activities and the like …

So what happened?

I discovered something amazing …


You’ve probably already guessed it right? Essential Oils – of course. 😀

As ridiculous as it might sound, I’ve seen people come off of allergy meds and asthma meds by using these few essential oils.

I know of children who can now run and play outside – living life happily again – because they started applying these oils and found them not only more effective than allergy drugs … but they WORK and bring healing.

I’ve been studying essential oils, creating blends, and selling them for 3 years … and I’m still amazed at the testimonies that come in. Because I still underestimate how wonderful essential oils are.

“My daughter developed some pretty rotten allergies to all things outside this year. She loves being outside, and the idea of pumping her full of allergy meds every day made me cringe. I also don’t want to keep her inside, so I was stuck. Then I tried this allergy oil! She’s only been on it for a week, but her nasal drip and watery eyes have completely disappeared. It’s wonderful! I rub some on her chest in the morning and at night, and it’s made a significant difference, even better than the brand name allergy medications. I’ll definitely be looking for some other products from this shop :).”

Using Essential Oils for Allergy Relief


The best way to use essential oils for allergies, is to apply them BEFORE you are suffering miserably. Put them on before bed, first thing in the morning, and throughout the day.

If you’re going outside and you suffer from pollen allergies, apply the oils BEFORE you leave the house.

This is by far the most effective means of treating allergies. Catch it early on. PREVENT it.

But in the event that you’re already suffering, slather them on all the way. Put them where you can smell them and feel them. Let them soak in. I’m pretty sure that you will find them to make a significant difference – if not change your story altogether.

I Said Goodbye to My Allergies

Over time, as I faithfully applied my essential oils I discovered that I needed them less and less. Now I hardly touch them! It’s not a daily “drug” that I depend on for relief. I’m healing. After 18 years of SUFFERING, I’m loving this time of year! No more persistent allergies.

“Early fall found me with sinus headaches and I used the allergy oil. New to oils I wasn’t sure where to apply it, but I rolled it on my nose and on my temples. Immediately, what I breathed in stimulated and unclogged what needed to come out. Wow! In and Out, just like that! The pressure was relieved. I now carry it in my purse.”

Purchase my Allergy Essential Oil Blend HERE.

“I really love this allergy oil! The smell alone is wonderful, and it really helps me breathe! It works like a vapor rub and opens up my nasal passages. I will be buying many more bottles of your allergy oil. It has really helped my allergies. Thank you!!”


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