Hello April! And back to the blog I come …

It’s been crazy busy. Add to that sickness + travel + out-of-the-ordinary happenings. I go to sleep at night thinking about 100 random tasks I need to remember for the next day … do you relate?

Ah, but I do have an iPhone. And it only takes me a few seconds to pick out the favorite pictures from my week {rather weeks}, and snap them into a post. 😀

Garden preparations began a few weeks ago + planting … now it’s time to put the seedlings in the ground!

Week 2 of Citizen’s Police Academy in town. Getting out of the classroom and doing more hands-on is the best part! Here we were looking inside the different vehicles, and admiring Mr. Mill’s sniper rifle.

Always more products in the making …

My sister and I discovered this *amazing* place called Mooyah … it’s the perfect place for a sisterly lunch outing.

Loving this beautiful Spring weather! ❤

Fresh Plantain from my herb garden – just a little of a LOT I’ve collected so far.

Gift baskets in the making, for the Florist shop.

A *very dear sweet* friend sent this package – some to eat and some to share + another fun surprise. How is it that I have such amazing friends?! ❤

Fresh baked rolls for a Sunday lunch with friends.


Resurrection Sunday was a special day. Crowds of people {+many visitors} came to church + a fun brunch + guests after church for a meal and fellowship.            

Strawberry picking at Hall Family Farm!

Perfect day to get out and spend some time at the farm – with siblings! Lovely delicious sweet berries, the first of the season. 🙂

Happy Friday! It’s been a pretty incredible week – feeling blessed.



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