I don’t know about where you are, but here in North Carolina it is definitely Spring! Here I am soaking up this glorious warmth and sunshine {with a lovely breeze on days like today!} and LOVING it!

 Isn’t it amazing how not-so-long-ago we were celebrating Thanksgiving … and then Christmas? Or at least it feels that way. The seasons change so quickly.

Today I put a new section in the store – LAST CHANCE. Check it out! Here’ you’ll find:

  • Products that are leaving for final – goodbye!
  • Products that are out of season, and won’t be back for a while {if at all}…
  • Products that need to be kicked out of the shop because they won’t stay fresh forever.
  • The “imperfect” of the batch – those perfectly good salves that crack a little on the surface, etc.

You get the idea …

Grab them at 50% off, or more! You will find that there are 1 or 2 of an item, sometimes more. Grab it if you want it! These are perfectly good, lovely products! Some of my favorites! It’s just that I love me a little “Spring cleaning” every once in a while.

Hop on over to my store and check out the new LAST CHANCE page. 


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