NEW Products! Squeaky Clean, Magic Scar, and No-Bugs …

New products in the shop today!

Quite a few have raved about Artichoke Baby’s No-Spots stick for acne, dark spots, and skin blemishes. Today I’m excited to introduce a few of her other great products!

Organic Magic Scar Balm

Magic Scar Balm is an award winning combination of skin-healing ingredients – perfect for lightening, fading, and healing skin scars.


Organic Bug Off

Ready for Summer? Spray away pesky bugs & insects with this powerful blend of non-toxic, bug-repelling essential oils.


Organic No-Wrinkles Stick

No Wrinkles is an award winning combination of skin enhancing ingredients – ideal for mature skin, fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and dark spots …


And last but not least … I took the recommendation of a dear friend, and created this amazing tooth powder. Not sure what it is or how to use it? Check out this post – including a recipe to make your own if you prefer.

Squeaky Clean – Remineralizing Tooth Powder 

Clean-brushing doesn’t have to taste nasty. Forget the salt and baking soda. Replace that toxic, chemical-laden toothpaste with something pleasant – and amazingly healthy!



Check out these new products in my store!


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