The Adirondacks: Part 7

It feels like just yesterday that we were setting off on our long-awaited, highly-anticipated adventure – to the Adirondacks. I’ve been backpacking the mountains of North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia for most of my life – since age 5. Still, the prospect of covering 50 miles in 7 days {with only the rugged wilderness and the supplies in your backpack} is unpredictably exciting. Add to that the rugged wilderness of upstate NY – not exactly comparable with the our southern foothills. 😉


It’s a family tradition that when our guys turn 13 we celebrate their “entrance into manhood” with a father-son backpacking trip – a time away from home and all the usual day-to-day, to heart-talk as men, conquer unpredictable challenges, and discuss what it means to take on new responsibilities and grow in wisdom, etc.

The only thing is, a few of us girls were itching to get out there and brave the high peaks ourselves! 😉


What can I say? The Adirondacks were fabulous. The beauty that meets your eye when you reach the top of the top of the TOP, and gaze out in wonder – as far as the eye can see. The ferocious wind blowing over and through you, washing away whatever cares and stress lingered a moment ago … it’s a literal mountain-top experience. And unless you go there and experience it for yourself, it’s all just fancy talk.

You forget everything else in that moment. You lose all sense of the things that really don’t matter. Because when you’re up there you realize how BIG GOD IS, and how AMAZING and INCREDIBLE HIS CREATION IS. IMG_3338

It was breathtaking. It was also difficult and tiring. The days were long and hard. We climbed up the sides of mountains {forget the switchback trails we have here in the southern states} and on to the tops of bald peaks. When our legs were tired and aching, we had to keep pressing on – always more boulders to climb up and over. We worked as a team on several occasions when the rocks were too steep and there were drop-offs behind us, and nothing to hold on to.IMG_3339

We had left several lunches worth of cheese in the cooler in our car on day 1 … so we did without. As a result, I think some of us were just a bit hungrier than usual … which ended up fueling perhaps a few too many conversations about pizza, hamburgers and ice cream. 🙂 Somewhere around day 6 we had to pass a law that there was no more talk about food until we hit the car {looking for lunch}. 😉IMG_3340

And on the 7th day when we finally reached Adirondack Loj, we entered into yet another adventure. Getting lost more than once in the heart of Vermont farmland + back country roads {on our way to NH}. Crazy drivers. Delicious pizza and ice cream. Waves of tiredness. Another day of travel before hitting home. Fellowship with friends.

It was definitely time to go home. But somehow, I really miss our adventures. The things you will encounter in your lifetime that often go unnoticed by others – that few can truly understand the significance of unless they’ve been there themselves. It’s one of those. And it was pretty fabulous.

I want to go back. ❤

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