Wisdom Teeth Extraction: The Surgery

I despise very much dislike going to the dentist for any reason whatsoever.

It goes way back to a few very memorable moments … 😉

So imagine how excited I was when the hygienist told me that I would need at least 2 wisdom teeth removed A.S.A.P. I should have known, because I’d been running my tongue over the rough, jagged parts of at least 1 of those teeth for months … wondering why it felt so strange. 😛

Woman smile

After some research on my part, I opted to try an oral surgeon – recommended by the doctor that did oral surgery on my brother {not so local}.

The consultation was amazing. Talk about being impressed by every aspect of your visit from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you walk out. Literally. I went in feeling rather upset, worried, and … okay, a little stressed. But when I walked out with all of my questions answered and a “big picture” of what I was going to experience 5 days later – I was totally thrilled. Excited.

Yes, seriously!

I think I have the most fabulous wisdom tooth extraction story EVER.

I’ve heard a lot of stories. But mine is so much fun – I told my mom on the way to checkup yesterday, “It’s almost like going on a vacation. You could pay for the experience {DO YOU EVER! 😀 } !

The morning of, that excitement wore down.

I invited my “big brother” along to video-tape the aftermath, so that later on I could see how stupid I looked and laugh about it. On the way, he encouraged me with stories that I probably would have rather heard AFTER my recovery. 🙂 Haha!

There were clouds and blue skies painted on the ceiling {brilliant right?!}  We talked about Montana and ranches and other cool stuff while Dr. Sharma and Nicole put the IV in {which I never felt either, thanks to some awesome numbing spray}. I literally told them “I can feel it making me tired” , but even then I was conscious that I was wide awake. And there was never any “in between” because the next time I knew anything Nicole was waking me up. Yeah … and I know a lot of people don’t remember any part of the visit, but I remember every detail after sitting up. I was a little dizzy and needed help walking, but I could talk and see everything very clearly, and I knew exactly where I was and what was going on.

How can you be SO OUT and then SO IN? Haha! It all took less than 1 hour. Forget about the video-taping. There was nothing cool {or stupid} to record after all. 😛

I couldn’t feel a thing. Haha they did a good job numbing me for sure. Yikes that stuff is powerful! After the car ride home I was starting to feel a lot of pain in one of the lower areas {they took all 4 teeth}, but took a pain med and ate the “free” ice cream they sent home with me.

As my dad always says … “FREE? I just paid {insert some large amount of $ related to the total overall experience} for that container of ice cream!”

I can’t believe how fantastic my recovery has been! Soon I’ll be posting more of the details of my recovery … because if you know me even a little, you know that I’m going to take full advantage of such opportunities to try out all my favorite oils and herbs. 😉 And I discovered some really incredible things last week – things that everyone getting their wisdom teeth out should know about.

Part 2 – 7 Essentials for a Fabulous Oral Surgery Recovery.

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