Last week we had the privilege of hosting 2 families in our home over the weekend … and following their departure, another sweet girl came to visit for a few days on her way home from Bible school.

We took advantage of the opportunity to pick fresh strawberries at a local farm – and when there are strawberries in our home, there may possibly be fresh baked chocolate cake and homemade whipped cream. 😀







We love this family farm – they have so many great activities for all ages. 🙂 The rubber ducky water war may have been our favorite of them all. 😀IMG_9200


And how about this slide? I took a few rides down it myself lol.




Later that day we baked fresh chocolate chip cookies – some for a birthday, some for a friend, and some for the police department {thanks to all the guys who made the citizen’s police academy such a fabulous experience}.IMG_9216

Another day, this little bro and I went boot shopping. Talk about a FUN shopping trip – and guy friendly too! LOL. It was pretty much a blast.IMG_9138

With so many tree trucks in our neighborhood trimming and shredding along the power lines by the road … let’s just say we have quite the collection of mulch piles in our front yard. Make that like 9 truck loads.

Saturday afternoon we worked as a team to cover half of the front yard garden areas. It’s fun how the mulch varies so much – some of the piles are practically all leaves and pine needles. Some of the chips are pink. Other parts are very dark.


We took out about 3 piles on Saturday afternoon. Today we are starting on the other side of the yard. Fun times!

The littlest guy and I went on a run – his first time running a mile on the road. Soon he will be doing 5-6 miles with the older ones. 😉

13310361_1209813275697191_3371225063636196472_nHappy Memorial Day! I’m so grateful for the freedom that we do have – and the brave men and women who have gone before us and sacrificed, that we might live. Freedom isn’t free. Thank you to all who have served, and continue to serve for our country.


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