Wisdom Teeth Extraction: 7 Essentials for a Fabulous Recovery!

My oral surgery experience was pretty fabulous. I never imagined that getting 4 teeth extracted could be SUCH a breeze!

WARNING: I’ve posted a picture of my extracted wisdom teeth at the very end of this post. 😛


By the time we reached home I was starting to feel a pretty persistent ache in one of the lower gums. I took my first pain med and ate some ice cream {it was afternoon and I hadn’t had any food or water in over 15 hours}.

Goal #1 – stop the bleeding.

Day 1 I was told to change the gauze every 30 min – 1 hour. While chomping down on thick squares of gauze isn’t exactly the most comfortable piece of reality, this only lasted until bed time, at which point the bleeding had stopped. I found later on in the afternoon that replacing the gauze with 2 black tea bags really seemed to drastically slow the bleeding. I wish I had taken this step earlier on, because the tea really sped up the process of helping the blood clot.

Goal #2 – No pain {haha!}.

I was so blessed to have incredibly minimal pain throughout the first 4 days. It took a while for the pain meds {from surgery} to wear off … at which point I began apply Clove Bud Essential Oil to the gums further up {next to the teeth still in tact}. By the end of the first day I was using a Q-tip or plastic dropper to apply drops of Clove Bud Essential Oil straight to the areas where the teeth had been pulled. It’s amazing how fast the numbing effect kicks in. From then on, Clove Bud Essential Oil was my favorite pain med. As long as I kept it on my gums, I really had no pain – or feeling in my mouth for that matter lol. In fact, I really never experienced pain those 4 days  – because if something started to hurt, I re-applied the clove and voila!

Goal #3 – Prevent / reduce swelling.

As cute as the illustration might sound, I had not intentions of looking like a chipmunk. Everyone says day 3 is the worst. I barely noticed swelling on day 1. Day 2 was the worst, but still very minimal. I felt like my face was a bit fuller but nothing terrible. Day 3 I felt pretty much back to normal.

IMG_9075  {After coming home from surgery- Day 1}

And how did this happen? Why some of my favorite essential remedies! 😉

  1. I made up a tea from the Deep Healing Herbal Blend and soaked a cloth, which I wrapped under my chin and up the sides of my face {followed by a layer of plastic wrap over top and then my face wrap}.
  2. In addition to the tea soak, I was faithful to apply Deep Healing Essential Oil Blend to my face – every few hours.
  3. On days 3 and 4 I also rubbed some Plantain Infused Oil on my face.
  4. The oral surgeon gave me little ice packs that fit into the sides of my face wrap. I used these pretty faithfully for most of the first 3 days.

Together, I am confident these saved me a lot of trouble. 😀

Goal #4 – Quick healing of the gums.

I have these holes in my gums right? And eating can be rather uncomfortable. I took a plastic medicine syringe and filled it with Comfrey Infused Oil {the bone-knit herb}. Each time I applied a few drops of Clove Bud Essential Oil to the gums {every few hours for pain relief}, I also applied some Comfrey Infused Oil to the gums, to promote quick healing of the surgery locations. This happened for about the first 3 days.

Goal #5 – Prevent Dry Socket and Infection!

I’ve heard my share of stories about dry socket. Yikes! How to swish with salt water – hard enough to wash away the buildup of foods but not so hard that it rips out the scabs and result in dry socket?!  I was a bit nervous about the whole thing, but in the end when I went for my checkup she barely had to clean the areas and said my gums looked fantastic! I’m pretty confident that applying an entire bottle of Clove Bud Essential Oil in 3 days helped prevent infection + speed up the healing. If anything helps fight infection, Clove Bud is the first ingredient that comes to mind. 🙂

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  • One other FANTASTIC remedy was fresh peppermint & spearmint iced tea from my garden. I literally gathered a HUGE handful of the stems from my garden the morning of my surgery and made up a big 1/2 gallon pitcher of the stuff, sweetened with honey. After surgery I sipped on that mint tea all day while waiting for the bleeding to stop, and on throughout the following week. Peppermint and Spearmint  (1) act as powerful natural pain relievers (2) help speed up the healing process, (3) prevent/reduce swelling and inflammation. (4) It helped the gauze not feel like when it was getting “stuck” to my gums. I literally swished the stuff around in my mouth while waiting for the bleeding to stop.
  • Day 2 was my worst for swelling, and even then it was extremely minimal. The Deep Healing herbs and essential oils definitely made a HUGE difference. These are must-haves for after-surgery recovery!

IMG_9107 {Day 3}

  • The Clove Bud Essential Oil was hands-down my FAVORITE pain remedy. I discovered that I really didn’t even need the prescribed pain meds – and the few that I did take were not nearly as effective as the Clove Oil {which I was more faithful to apply after day 2 when this observation was made}. However, I found it helpful to take either a pain med or some Ibuprofen right before bed, as the Clove Oil would sometimes wear off before I fell asleep {making it difficult to then fall asleep}.
  • Days 4-7 were actually the worst for pain {and even then it was more a persistent, dull ache that was very tolerable}. This was the “tight / sore” pain that resulted in feeling like my gums were going to split open. I found that HEAT {not cold} was extremely effective for me. My Cherry THERA-PIT-IC Pac became my best friend. You really wouldn’t believe HOW true this is.

And for all of those who are like me … I should hope that after going through such an experience you’d want to see just what exactly they extracted from you that was such a big deal?! Figures I’d pull these out of the bag as soon as I got into the car from the oral surgeon’s office. 😉 LOL! They are pretty gross.

 Check out that cavity! The two top teeth both had decay. Glad to have them GONE! 😀

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7 thoughts on “Wisdom Teeth Extraction: 7 Essentials for a Fabulous Recovery!

  1. I’m on day 5 – and totally hear you on the pain being worse further along! I’m going to go try some heat instead of the ice that hasn’t quite been doing it’s usual thing! Thanks so much for sharing your experience!

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