4 Natural Remedies For After-Workout

I never really understand the whole guy thing … “I work out until I’m ready to throw up” …

That is, until earlier this year when I did the “ironman workout”, spent the afternoon shoveling / spreading truckloads of mulch around our yard, and then went running 4 miles.

I guess you could say that I tried to jump in a little over my head, without working up to it. I came back to the house feeling terrible.

The thing is, pushing to a new level can be uncomfortable.

It might be a little bit of soreness. It could be a stress fracture or torn muscle. It could be that something falls out of place, or becomes damaged from doing the exercises incorrectly. Sometimes there is bruising or swelling or a deep ache. And if you aren’t consistent with your workout schedule, you might find that each time you finally get around to doing something again, you go through the sore/pain part of it all over again. Because your body isn’t getting used to it. You aren’t working up to new levels at a steady pace.

IMG_7059-0 IMG_7108

I cut corners on my stretches after running last week … and at the moment I’m dealing with pain in one of my lower legs that has progressed to hurting not only when I run but also when I walk normally. As a result, I’ve established a strict schedule of stretching and rolling those muscles… and even quit running for a few days until my body can rest and heal.

My brother is training to become a certified fitness instructor.

He studies here on mornings when he’s not working … and if we happen by the room where he’s buried in his books, he might stop to share with us some of the reasons behind this or that. It’s quite fascinating actually.

You might have picked up from this blog that our family is pretty active … we workout together in the big room upstairs. And between the 9 of us it’s likely that someone will go running, walking, or biking pretty much every day of the week.


I absolutely love to apply some herbs and essential oils after my workout … especially if it’s something a little out of the norm – a long, intense yard project, a week of hiking the Adirondacks, 3 days of football at our church campout …  I’ve learned that if I’m faithful to use them, I can wake up the next morning feeling pretty much normal – or at least SO much better than the days I don’t.


Here are 4 of my favorites:

#1 Sore Muscle Salve


This is hands down THE BEST. My favorite of all. Its base is Arnica Flowers – my #1 favorite herb for swelling/inflammation and bruising. Add to that my #1 favorite oil for the same {Helichrysum} and all the loveliness of pain-relieving essential oils. This salve is even great for breaks and fractures, because it contains Comfrey, also known as “bone-knit”.

Purchase Sore Muscle Salve HERE.

#2 Deep Healing Oil Blend


This is a powerful blend of oils formulated especially for aches and pains, breaks and fractures, sprains, etc. If it’s bruised, swollen, or causing you pain … this oil is a must! Countless people have shared how these oils helped heal breaks and fractures, heal persistent muscle/bone injuries, and take away swelling and pain in record time.

Purchase Deep Healing Oil HERE.

#3 Ginger Peppermint Detox Soak


That day I came home from my workout, literally ready to throw up … this was my solution! Problem solved. I remembered that my neighbor had just given me a bag of her new “foot soak” {which she labeled it at the time} for detoxing. I also happen to know that peppermint and ginger are awesome for nausea … and that I had used this soak on a few family members during sick time the week prior. I put a big heaping scoop into the tub and took a bath in it {I seriously don’t do baths but this was the exception!}. 20 minutes later I was feeling fantastic. Ready to work out again {well, just about lol}.  🙂

Purchase Ginger Peppermint Detox Soak HERE.

#4 Deep Healing Bone/Muscle Soak


In the case that you’re dealing with something a little more persistent and perhaps ongoing … a sprain, deep pain, persistent pain, stress fracture, break, etc … this is an awesome “tea” for soaking that injured foot, ankle, wrist, etc. I’ve even had people take a whole bath in it for multiple breaks all over their bodies. Arnica, Comfrey, Peppermint, Shavegrass/Horsetail, and Raspberry are a powerful blend to reduce pain {wow does it reduce pain – I know from my bruised periosteum incident}, prevent /decrease swelling/ inflammation, and bind up anything that is broken/torn, etc.

Purchase Deep Healing Bone/Muscle Soak HERE.

As a general rule, I pretty much always apply #1 and #2 if I think I might be sore the next day. #3 and #4 are ones I rarely use unless something a little more persistent / unusual pops up that I thing might hinder me from keeping up with my workout schedule. 😀


What are your favorite ways to workout/exercise?


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