Strawberry Jam

I love me some fresh strawberries on a hot Summer day. Add to that a little sugar in some shape or form and, voila! Quite possibly perfection. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Imagine how surprised I was when I received an email from the gal who helped me launch my little Etsy shop into something so much bigger. Kate was a bride-to-be looking for Apple and Pumpkin Butters as her wedding favors. And when she asked me to take on the challenge of 2 things I’d never tried my hand at, I promised to do my best. Not only did I have a blast, but my work was a whopping success. In fact itย gave me the confidence to go on and do similar projects for other groups and events.


Today’s project started off with mountains of fresh strawberries, pounds of white sugar, and a dozen fresh lemons sitting on the counter-top. My first attempt at strawberry jam. Sad isn’t it? These are for Kate’s sister who is having a bridal shower later on in the month.


Let’s just say that my estimates wereย a little sky-high. I ended up with 67 jars of Strawberry Jam {a dozen of those are 8 oz jars because I ran out of 4 oz jars lol} – far more than I’ll be mailing off over the weekend. But hey … who doesn’t love some fresh strawberry jam?! These lovelies will be heading out into town to the adorable little shops I sell my products at.ย And more than likely I’ll be tucking some away for just-because gifts … and if you love strawberry jam as much as I do, you can purchase a jar or 2 from my website {next week}.

Next up …ย Iย start all over again with peaches. ๐Ÿ™‚ โค


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