I love my beautiful, blessed life.

Woke up this morning to the sun shining bright, and a fresh new day full of fabulous opportunities. So thankful for God’s ABUNDANT blessings in my life!

Back from a week on Honey Brook Farm in VA, with dear friends … there is MUCH to catch up on, SO MUCH to do. Today was about choosing joy, focusing on thriving in this present moment – and enjoying this beautiful gift-of-a-day to the fullest, the way God intended.

So grateful. I love my family. Today I saw them in a new light, with a refreshed perspective. Taking a step back will do that to life – it causes you to refocus, and perhaps a heart change is in order. ❤ Make this moment count. Love the people around you, and let the relationships mean more than the tasks at hand.

Things don’t always happen as expected. In fact, they rarely do. 😉 Sometimes priorities get re-arranged when 4 hour projects rise above on the list as far more important. I had a blast. Let’s go adventuring. 😀

I’ve been doing some catching up … pictures are a fabulous way to remember the best of memories tucked away in the past. ❤


What a joy it was to serve along-side siblings and friends, at the wedding of 2 very dear friends!


We may or may not splurge from time to time… a sibling outing to Chick-Fil-A for milkshakes, can be quite the exciting adventure! Especially when road-tripping with the family.  😉


Fresh blueberries, picked on vacation at our rental home!



Love “berry-sitting” these adorables! Zoe, Sophia, and Aaron {not pictured}, aka “the berries” are some of my favorites. 🙂 ❤


Wholesale orders are always loads of fun! Whether the local stores in town, or shops in CA!


Loved helping out with “Cowabunga Farm” VBS {Vacation Bible School} at our church this Summer! So many precious littles!


Product demo at a local boutique one afternoon … always fun to interact with the people who come through!


Never underestimate the importance of the smallest things in life … like a fun game of slapjack with the littlest bro.

I love how he said it … “Now let’s play! Man to man … or let’s say, man to girl.” 😉 😉


Helpers in training! Team work is fabulous 🙂


Thankful for this sweet girl who faithfully attends all of my Country Muffin events … and helps out wherever she can! Thanks Tacha. ❤



Loving my newest whipped body butters … along with reformulated recipes and fresh label designs. 🙂


Always, always we love a good family hike. Time in the great outdoors, overcoming obstacles and challenges … plus having a blast! ❤



We do fresh baked cookies for the parties … with essential oils!


Adventuring on the farm with Bob & Laurel … and my sweet friend Emelia. Love these adopted “grandparents” and so thankful for the abundance of fresh Jewelweed and other plants they provide for my project-making. ❤


Sunshine on a stem – my favorite. ❤



Fresh Jewelweed Infused Oil, from local, organically grown Jewelweed!



My first official home party! Thanks to Jacquie we had a successful turnout, and so much fun! Loved meeting all the sweet ladies who attended, and sharing my products. Looking forward to several more in the next few weeks!



Last week a few of us visited very dear friends at Honey Brook Farm. Refreshed, blessed, and encouraged in so many ways by this amazing team! More pictures coming soon. 😀

And … as it happened there were very ripe bananas wanting to be used. And an abundance of fresh frozen pumpkin that we put up a while back. And so there became banana and pumpkin breads, pumpkin oatmeal raisin cookies, and pumpkin custard. Happiness!


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