For the Love of … The Passion Behind the Product

Everyone once in a while I meet someone like Quinn …

And when I do, I want in on what she’s doing. In my mind, she stands out from the crowd. She’s got passion, goals, an entrepreneurial spirit. Her life is crazy … but she works hard. She’s committed, dedicated, family focused – and her life inspires me.


{Photo by Reformation Acres}

Reformation Acres, Ohio

Quinn and her family love homesteading, living a simple life, and enjoying the benefits of growing their own food and raising their own animals. Together they handcraft pure, all-natural soaps using fresh ingredients from their farm. Unlike your typical soaps, Reformation Acres soaps are 100% palm oil free, and fragranced with pure essential oils from plants.  Their products are uniquely formulated to moisturize, cleanse, rejuvenate, restore, and bring healing to all types of skin conditions. Quinn uses organically homegrown herbs and vegetables, seeds, clays, essential oils, and fresh milk from their Jersey cows to make beautiful soaps {from scratch} that leave a lasting impression on your skin.


{Photo by Reformation Acres}

From Scratch?

I’ve been in touch with Quinn several times over the past few months, regarding some soaps I needed to re-order. Let’s just say this – when Cucumber Yogurt Soap is out of stock because there’s no yogurt in the making… because milk is in short supply… because the cows are giving less than usual … well, you know you’re getting the best of the best when it’s there! I love that Quinn’s soap has farm fresh ingredients in it … not the chemical-laden ingredients from her local grocery store. And in the Spring and Summer time, she’s out there harvesting the Violets and Calendula Flowers from her farm.

Is that not incredible?!


{Photo by Reformation Acres}

The truth is, when I meet someone like Quinn, it’s not just about the bar of soap. Sure, I’m fascinated by what she’s doing – I love it! In fact, I’m in love with her products. But because I can relate to her commitment to quality, her passion for something better, and her devotion to working hard and creating from scratch … I established a friendship with her and developed a trust for her – and her products.

I think that’s awesome. And I find that her soap is pretty fabulous. ❤

P.S. There’s a special in the shop through Monday! Purchase 3 bars of soap and get a 4th free {these make fabulous gifts}! No code necessary – leave a note in the “order notes” specifying which free soap. ❤ 

Read Quinn’s homesteading story here.


{Calendula Soap}


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