Honey Brook Farms

I’ve had the privilege of working on several farms over the years … but Honey Brook Farms would have to be one of my favorites. These dear friends of ours make a fabulous team – with passion and commitment for what they do. How inspiring to see them work together so closely, so unified as a family team … loving the Lord and serving others.

Earlier this year we talked about another visit to the farm. David and I have spent a week there on 2 occasions, and it had been almost 2 years since our last visit. August felt like the perfect time – wrapping up Summer, not quite into the craziness of Fall school schedules.

So off we went!


There’s always something new and exciting at Honey Brook Farms. One year we planted Christmas Trees for the u-pick tree part of the farm … another time we worked on the u-pick blueberry patch. The vegetables and fruits are always expanding … and every time we go up it seems there are new animals – the latest addition being sheep and Jersey cows.


View from the farm house – herb and vegetable gardens.

One really neat aspect of the farm, is how each person has their area of focus. One will collect the eggs while another milks the cows, and another focuses on the produce. And still, they will all come together and help out where needed.


Each morning I helped Sarah and Adam milk the Jersey cows. We had quite the adventure on one of those mornings. Never a dull moment with farm life. 😉

As we said throughout the week, better to laugh, than let it get at you … and sometimes you laugh so hard you cry. This is how it has to be, because there are going to be unexpected challenges at every turn!


Sunday smiles.


Farm market, with Josh and Sarah. Listening to Josh explain the quality and value of their products to various customers, is quite the learning experience! Their passion and commitment is evident in how far they will go to ensure the best standards of quality.

It’s inspiring, helping out on a farm. It takes dedication and perseverance to wake up early and prepare for the day ahead. On Wednesday or Saturday the guys will be up in the early hours of the morning {3 am} to get the vans loaded for market.



The guys really packed it all in!



One of the other vendors at market, handmade these turkish pastries. Josh treated us to some after market. Deliciousness!


One afternoon we decided to hike one of the hardest climbs in the state of VA – Old Rag Mountain. With just about 4 hours to complete the 10 mile trail, we set off eager to reach the top.


The view was spectacular! We also saw a black bear – a first {besides the zoo} for several of us. 😉


Happy hikers – just missing the photographer!








The trail was quite technical as we reached the top. We had fun with the challenges … and worked together as a team to get everyone safely on top. Only a few small minor injuries occurred.



Heading back, we decided to split into 2 teams. It had taken us about 2 1/2 hours to reach the top. We wanted to get back in half that time. A few took a shorter trail with a fire road, out to another area 30 minutes from where we had parked the van. The rest of us opted to run back down the trail we had just climbed.

What a blast! Trail running is quite the adventure … a first for most of us. We reached the parking lot in just over an hour.


On the last morning we took some time to review gun safety, and shoot handguns.






We had so much fun we forgot to take pictures of a lot of the farm work …

One afternoon we moved a truck load of mulch to the raspberry patch and created a mulch garden. With 4 wheelbarrows we worked quickly to complete the task.

Another day we prepared chickens for market.

Always in the evenings we had sweet times of fellowship, laughter, and time in the Scriptures around the meal. We played fun games and outdoor sports together. We cared for all the little grandkids while their parents went on dates.

One afternoon I helped Sarah plant seeds in the green house. SO MANY seeds were planted … but time flew by quickly while we laughed and talked, and encouraged each other on many topics of life.

The guys moved the animals around to fresh pasture.

We fixed many delicious meals. The kitchen is a fabulous place to be at Honey Brook Farms. ❤

Other friends came to visit one evening, and all of the ladies gathered in the lower level of the farm house to work on some cross-stitch projects, snack on foods, and visit. We may or may not have shared some of our most embarrassing moments. As it happens, I have determined that I CANNOT share mine without crying.

What a refreshing time away! We were blessed, encouraged, also challenged and inspired to greater things in our own lives. To come home after a week of farm work and fellowship is to return with a fresh focus and new perspective on life. To apply lessons learned, and to seek to encourage others toward greater works.

To our dear friends at Honey Brook Farms – we love you! Thank you for a wonderful visit! ❤

P.S. During our visit, this published article on Honey Brook Farms arrived, in the Culpeper Times.



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