Kentucky Wedding

Today’s a crazy big day stuck right in the midst of a crazy big week. That’s the story of my life. ❀

With fresh baked cookies on the counter, and loads of new products just arrived from fabulous places … it’s obvious that I’m getting ready for another party here! While I organize myself and work on catching up on the long overdue blog posts, here are a few pictures from our time in KY over Labor Day weekend. The only thing that could have made this fabulous vacation better, would have been if the whole family had come along. But as it happened, the rest were up north for another special occasion.





Bethany and Julianna washing the puppies. ❀


The lovely outdoor tent. So much creativity, time, and hard work went into this!


Visiting with lots of lovely sweet gals … πŸ™‚ Staying in the bunk house on the ranch provided fun opportunities to ride horses, play games, help with barn chores, and jump in on much of the wedding day preparation.

On the day of, the kitchen was one crazy place! It was warmer inside than out … and we may or may not have stirred up 140 lbs of fabulous mashed potatoes {one very memorable highlight for sure}. πŸ˜‰ In the end, I believe just about everyone made it out to attend the wedding in the front yard.


Photo Credit: The S Family

Everything was so beautiful. The wedding was lovely.


Photo Credit: The S Family

Love this sweet girl!


Photo Credit: The S Family

And these sisters … all the way from KS {except for Angela, far left, sister of the groom.}.


Photo Credit: The S Family

This is how we roll. ❀



Barn chores … and riding time!



One afternoon we took a special “cousins” outing. All of these Kansas gals {and guy} joined us 3 at the Dairy Barn for some yumminess. A little break from the crazy happiness of ranch life and wedding crowd to just sit, laugh, and catch up.


Photo Credit: The S Family

Last mornings are the best time to lay around on the couch in the dining room … and just talk. ❀ And just FYI, the party starts with 2 … but give a little time and there will gather round a whole lot more.

This weekend was a lot of fun. Road-tripping with brother and sister {the first often away on his new job, is still a big adjustment for us who have grown up so close}. We were thrilled to visit with MANY dear friends, from all states. It’s not all too often that both bride and groom are dear friends of the family {although this year has provided a record number of those}. And how much more fun to jump in on all the fun for an entire weekend, helping out wherever a task may arise. Cooking, baking, cleaning, organizing, set up, break-down, serving, barn chores …

We love y’all so much! Thanks for a fabulous time.

Congrats to the happy couple – Brystol and Phillip! ❀

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