Fabulous Fall Flavors

In my mind, Autumn is the very happiest season ever.

There’s something incredibly wonderful {and far beyond words} about the leaves swirling across the driveway on a gust of wind … the crackling fire in our back woods and the smell of s’mores roasting … family picnics in the beautiful mountains during peak leaf season … the clear, crisp fresh feeling in the air … and the warm fuzzy sweaters pulled out of bins tucked away. I savor the flavors of pumpkin, apple, maple, and spices … the fragrance that fills the house when we’re baking Thanksgiving pies or treats for our guests {hospitality is one of our greatest passions, and as it happens we get to exercise it most during the Autumn months}.


Organic Pumpkin Pie tea is back! And Spiced Chai will be ready to ship next week. ❤

I love both with milk and sugar.


This is one of my favorite Autumn soaps. Made with real maple syrup, pumpkin and spices. It’s nearly impossible to find a pumpkin soap that doesn’t have pumpkin fragrance oil in it. Well now you’ve found one that’s chemical free.


While we’re on the topic of beautiful Autumn, I prefer to enjoy mine without colds or sickness. In a family of 9, it’s quite the setback when someone gets sick.

Immune boosting wellness oil, and tea are 2 of our favorites. We rub them on, and drink them up, daily.



Peppermint Whipped Body Butter is one of my personal favorites during the cold, dry weather. This stuff is so incredibly rich and moisturizing. It smells fabulous too! It’s the perfect lotion/ moisturizer.


I cannot imagine life without Pumpkin and Apple Butter. 😉 They make bread so much happier.

Oh, and check out these other fabulous items, on sale this month!


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