DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes That WORK!

I love All-Natural. But Cleaning Supplies may possibly be an exception.

It’s important to me that my cleaning solution {whether it sprays or pours or spoons …} lathers. The more bubbles and foam, the better. At least that’s the way I feel.

I’ve always struggled with the concept of vinegar and water streaming down the sides of the tub. I’ve experienced it actually. The sponge feels dry even though I wet everything down thoroughly. I’m scrubbing, but nothing appears to be happening. I know it’s pathetic, but it bothers me. Quite possibly because I grew up using toxic cleaning chemicals – the one area where we took much longer to begin making changes.

I despise the smell of vinegar. Scrubbing Bubbles is much nicer.


But then one day this container of something showed up in the cleaning closet. Foaming white stuff that looked hard in the jar but spread nicely on the shower wall and in the sink bowl. White and creamy and thick … and a small amount went a very long way.

And after that, a spray bottle of something with more substance than water arrived. It smelled the same as the foaming white stuff in the jar.

My mom is very good at researching. No one was very fond of the vinegar lemon juice, so she came up with 2 WONDERFUL alternatives. ❤

Soft Scrub and All-Purpose Cleaning Spray. We use the scrub in the shower, and on the sinks. The spray is fabulous for surfaces that need wiping down – including our foldable tables after a week of lead smudges from school children …


DIY Soft Scrub Paste

1 cup Baking Soda

1/4 cup Sal Suds or Dr. Bronner’s Soap

1 Tablespoon Hydrogen Peroxide

Essential Oils

Combine and stir into a paste. Store in airtight containers – leaving 2-3″ of room for expansion {we use jars similar to these}. Will last for several months in an air tight container.


DIY Cleaning Spray

2 cups warm Water

1 Tablespoon Baking Soda

2 Tablespoons Dr. Bronner’s Soap or Sal Suds

50 drops Essential Oil

Mix the Water, Baking Soda and Soap/Suds in a 16 oz Spray Bottle. Shake, then add the Essential Oils and shake again.


Thursdays and Fridays are much happier without vinegar and lemon juice. I’d say that these 2 recipes are highly approved on my list. Happy cleaning!



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