Powerful Healing Herbs for Breaks and Fractures – Part 1

When my mom fractured her knee cap, I opted for healing in half the time.

Okay, not literally. It is what it is. Thankfully I’m not in charge of bringing healing – God is. But realistically, why sit around simply waiting … when God created powerful herbs to promote and enhance the healing of our bodies!?


Over the course of several years and numerous breaks and fractures, I’ve established a system that I really like. Now I’m not saying this is a “one size that fits all” formula for any situation… but simply that our family has used this 3 part process to heal a wide variety of bone and muscle injuries.

(1) an herbal soak.

(2) an essential oil blend.

(3) herbal infused oils – whether liquid or salve form.


{This is an herbal soak I prepared for a brother’s foot injury.}

The doctors said we should not expect to see bone growth until 4 weeks.

According to our doctor, most fractures similar to this one would not show bone growth on an x-ray until about 4 weeks – at which time we should begin to see the bone fracture filling in.

No bending of the leg – with the exception of us holding her leg and slowly, gently bending it up to 40 degrees, a couple of times each day.

After 6 weeks she could re-evaluate the brace situation … but it would be several months {3-4} before complete healing occurred.

I think we’re probably all thinking the same thing.

Who has time to sit around for 6 weeks?

And who has time to worry about an injury for 3-4 months?!

Especially when you’re a homemaker, teacher, and mother of 7 – who has poured her life out for others, and wears dozens of hats each day.

For the past 2 weeks, my mom has needed help with just about everything. Showering, dressing, taking her brace on and off, getting into the van {with 3 pillows and something to rest her {straight} leg on. We fix her meals and often carry them upstairs or over to the couch.

Some of you can understand how helpless and weak she feels. Some of you can feel the pain, the discomfort, the misery of not being able to stretch or bend that leg … some of you have been there.

I haven’t. I’ve broken other bones, but never fractured a knee cap.

It’s been 2 weeks.

My mom went in for her check up over the weekend. They took another x-ray and here’s what they found.

Fabulous news!

The bone that should start filling in {noticeably} at around 4 weeks … it’s showing huge improvement at 2!

Yes! The RN was pleasantly shocked. In her own words, “It’s healing like gangbusters”.

As of 3 days ago, my mom can bend her leg 90 degrees. She can wear her brace unlocked while she carefully walks on her crutches. She is able to bend her leg enough to take the brace on and off by herself. Today she drove the car.

I’d say that’s pretty awesome!


In the left picture, you can see some tiny “square” indents in the bone that are dark and solid. In the right x-ray they are much lighter and less noticeable. The bone is filling in nicely.

But that’s how awesome my God is.

I’ve seen this before. I’ve seen persistent breaks that would not heal for months … begin to mend when herbs were brought into the healing picture. I’ve experienced remarkable recovery in just a fraction of the time the doctors expected.

God’s ways are so much more amazing and perfect than ours.

We miss out on a lot when we resort only to man-made ideas, rather than accepting the beautiful truths of what God has created for us, and placed all around us – growing and living in nature.

Here’s to many more exciting adventures – natural healing with powerful living plants.

Part 2 coming soon! The specifics of our favorite treatment process for breaks and fractures.

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