Powerful Healing Herbs for Breaks and Fractures – Part 2

2 weeks ago my mom fractured her left knee cap … and injured her right toe.

The doctor gave her a leg brace and said 4 weeks before an x-ray should show the bone starting to fill in.  Somewhere around 3-4 months for total healing.

But surprise surprise, after only 2 weeks an updated x-ray shows that the bone is filling in very nicely!

The medical professionals are pleasantly surprised. The RN said “it’s healing like gangbusters …”

But hey, we love powerful healing herbs. They WORK!


Immediately following my mom’s injury, we started a 3 step process:

(1) Deep Healing Herbal Soak

Typically I would prepare a bowl of tea that an ankle, foot or wrist etc. could be soaked in. But as the injury was to her knee we opted against the full bath option and applied a cloth soaked in the tea for several hours each day {refreshing every 20-30 minutes or as the cloth started to dry up some}.

I use this blend for all our bone injuries.

Prepare a bowl of highly concentrated tea, then dip a cloth in. Squeeze it out just enough that it is not dripping everywhere, but is still very moist. Lay over the injured area. it helps to have a trash bag or something plastic underneath the leg {with perhaps an old dish rag as well for comfort sake} in situations like this, to avoid dripping the tea onto whatever you are sitting on / resting your leg on. Repeat process as the cloth begins to lose moisture. We kept this on for several hours each day.


(2) Essential Oils

I use this blend for deep muscle and bone injuries.

Apply your Essential Oils of choice, several times daily following the tea soak.


(3) Comfrey – the “Bone Knit” Herb

Comfrey is often referred to as the “bone-knit” herb. If there’s one herb I want to have on hand when dealing with breaks, fractures, cuts, tears, etc. it’s Comfrey. I grow this lovely stuff in my organic herb garden. It’s one of my top favorite healing remedies.

My tea blend contains comfrey – we were literally soaking it up into the knee cap through that wet cloth each day. But I also wanted her to be able to apply comfrey ALL THE TIME without having to deal with the tea mess 24/7.

I use comfrey infused oil in a glass roller-bottle.

You can pour it on, but this worked nicely because she could simply roll over the injured area multiple times daily. All throughout the day.


I love powerful healing herbs.

They are readily available to us all around in nature … and yet we so often overlook them as “weeds” or useless old fashioned concoctions. But they WORK! I have living proof. I get to see the fruits every day. In so many people’s lives.

Check out some of these other posts on treating breaks/fractures with herbs.

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