If ever there was an incredibly challenging, growing, stretching season of my life – these past few weeks stand out. ❤ And as hard as it was {and is}, that’s a good thing.

I like Pink Tractor – they have some fun quotes. And when I saw this picture a while back it made me smile. Because the truth is, whatever it is that God has called you to do right now in this season of life – and in this moment – do it with all your heart. ❤


September was the last time I posted family pictures – our KY wedding adventures. Summer feels long gone, and yet Fall is certainly struggling to make its full appearance {today was an especially warm one}.


The last lingering vegetables of Summer … shortly after which I tore out the remainder of the garden.


The carrot harvests appear to be improving, based on our yearly results. 😉 Perhaps someday we’ll have normal sized carrots lol.


Love this brother of mine … his job keeps him so so busy, and it’s a treat to have him around. Especially on a Sunday like this one, when we wore coordinating shirts by accident.


And there’s this girl, who faithfully volunteers to be my side-kick for pretty much every Country Muffin event or party. So I took her shopping at the outlets for her birthday, and we ate my family’s favorite NY pizza {local to this southern state of course}. ❤


The day Hello Luscious products arrived, was pretty fabulous. 🙂

img_1920 img_1922

Chai and Pumpkin Teas are back in stock!


Obviously I’m having way too much fun with all of these new products. They are especially fabulous for the home parties. 🙂



On a lovely Autumn Saturday, this sister and I {matching hats} joined some friends at our local shooting club. We participated in an AMAZING event hosted by the NRA. Women on Target taught us SO MUCH about using all different kinds of guns, as well as a lot of practice with different types of targets and obstacles. Already looking forward to attending again next Spring!


There’s always an abundance of mulch on hand to spread out somewhere …



One lovely Sunday {recently} most of the siblings went for a walk and bike riding at the park. We took 2 of the dogs for some training on the trails.

img_2217 14633465_1335335019811682_996483564205530998_o

This sister and I love working out together. This will be our first year to participate in the Spartan Challenge {with David}

And … math time with the little man happens every morning. We both prefer agree life is better with coffee. ❤



A dear friend was the spotlight musician of the month at her music school … she was given free tickets for her family and friends, to attend a concert featuring the most recorded orchestra in the world. Of course we said yes! Most of the family attended. It was lovely. Our piano teacher {from childhood} was there with her school {including these friends of ours} playing music in the lobby before the performance.

Such fun memories!


November 1st – 12th is our 12 Days of Giving event, through Facebook! Join the event HERE, and follow along for fun specials, gift baskets {these will be up for grabs!} and great deals …

Happy Saturday!


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