5 Essential Oils Every Home Should Have

There Are So Many Essential Oils … Which Ones Matter the Most?

It’s crazy how many people are familiar with essential oils – at some level … simply because they’re everywhere. They are the craze – which is fabulous, because they work! And yet it continually amazes me how many people come to my events that are looking for answers to the basic questions.

What are essential oils?

How do you use them?

Are they safe for kids?

How do I find a good one to purchase?

Which ones are the most important?

Where do I start?

And the list goes on …


First off, I love this. I adore the people who come looking to LEARN. They are hungry for knowledge, because they understand that there is an incredible open door of opportunity before them, that has the potential to change their life, and the lives of family and friends.

I thrive off the events {classes, workshops and parties} I do, because they allow me to connect with people face to face, learn parts of their story, and try to understand how I can better help them on their Journey. And quite often I come away inspired to learn more. Because I love that a little knowledge and a few testimonials of first-hand experience can change *so many* lives.


At one of my recent events I was having such a conversation with a young lady who wanted to know more.

What is this stuff, and how can it actually change MY life?

I’ve only been using essential oils for about 4 years … and yet they are a part of my everyday routine. I don’t hesitate to use them in any form. I apply them liberally. I LOVE them. But there was a time in the beginning when I could completely relate to the confusion, suspicion, and even fear that many people have – of wanting to benefit from them in a safe way, but not knowing how.

This post is not about all the basics of essential oils. You can head over to my Youtube channel and watch this video “Understanding Essential Oils”, my first attempt at a webinar. I cover most of the basics in there.

But today I want to share with you 5 Essential Oils that I feel every home should have. Whether you’re fairly new to essential oils, or have been using them for years, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. While there are TONS of Essential Oils available out there, you don’t need them all right now.

You can start with these 5, and go a very long way.

Glass dropper filled with herbal essence, aromatherapy oil, homeopathic medicine, or other liquid.

1. Lavender


Lavender is one of the most popular oils on the market. I’m fairly certain that this must be the #1 oil every Essential Oil newby purchases right from the start. I love it because it’s pretty much a first-aid oil. It can slow bleeding, soothe burns, relieve pain, promote the healing of cuts and wounds, encourage sleep and relaxation, relieve stress, prevent/reduce allergy symptoms, boost the immune system, soothe headaches … and the list goes on. Check out this post on Lavender Essential Oil.

2. Lemon


When I picture lemons, I think cleanse / detoxify / energize. Lemon is 1 of 4 oils in my Allergy blend – which has totally transformed my life. It is a fabulous oil to prevent and fight off colds and sickness, boosting the immune system.

3 Peppermint


Peppermint is one of my favorite fragrances. It is both relaxing / calming, and energizing. It helps me sleep better at night … but also get through a long stressful day. It has provided incredible pain relief when I had broken bones, aching muscles, spasms, pinched nerves, etc. It has helped eliminate allergies for me so many times {along with other oils in my Allergy blend}. It has taken away stomach aches and helped with digestion issues. It stimulates clarity of mind, alertness, and memory. I have seen it effectively reduce and eliminate fevers within a few hours. A drop under my tongue has helped with sore throats, congestion, coughing, and colds/sickness. It has an incredible effect on my sister’s headaches/migraines. And this feels like just the beginning of a very long list I could write.

4. Frankincense



Some of the essential oil experts that I admire and respect the most, are frequently writing and speaking about the power of Essential Oils to aid in treating cancer, as well as repair wrong coding in the body and re-write proper codes. Frankincense in my mind is the #1 oil I would go to for neurological-related conditions. Memory loss, learning disabilities or difficulties – and think of all the health issues we see on the surface, that are directly related to faulty signals being sent from our brain to our body. Diffusing or topically applying Frankincense has the potential to change a lot of major health issues in the body – because the oils are crossing the blood brain barrier and working on codes in our body. I’ve also seen Frankincense work wonders on a variety of skin conditions. It may promote beautiful, healthy skin, and encourage the healing and repair of skin irritations, cuts and wounds, rashes, etc.

5. Clove Bud

wooden spoon close-up Cloves
wooden spoon close-up Cloves

Clove was my best friend after Oral surgery. I found it more effective than prescribed pain medication from the pharmacy. I have used this oil for a variety of oral issues – swelling/inflammation, pain relief, healing / repair. I’ve seen it bring incredible pain relief to others who were waiting on oral work to be done, and suffering from a lot of pain. It’s also one of the most powerful bacteria fighting ingredients out there. Clove is an amazing oil to add to your house cleaning products, to diffuse during sick season, and to apply to the feet to boost the immune system and promote wellness. It also works fabulously for bee stings – because as the little brother remarked “I can’t feel a thing” … 30 seconds after we applied a dot to his painful sting.

I use this oil in my wellness blend which can be diffused, or applied topically.

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