There’s always room for a little more adventure … and adventure we did! It’s been a long time goal of a few in our family πŸ˜‰ to run the Spartan. Earlier in the year a few volunteered at a local Spartan, which provided free entries to run this Fall. The 3 of us made a pretty fabulous team … we conquered 23 obstacles over 4.4 miles. And if I could think of one descriptive wordΒ to sum up the day, it would likely be MUD. ❀ I was the first to fall into the bog … and from there it was pretty much a contest to see who could get the most of it. πŸ˜‰


Shortly after the Spartan … I cut my hair. Rather, my mom did. ❀


This sweet lady sells my oil singles and blends through her shop, The Indigo Pearl. If you ever get a chance to stop by in Waxhaw, check out her AMAZING handcrafted leather work, along with a variety of fun gifts and home furnishings. She definitelyΒ has one of the most interesting and exciting shops in town!

One Friday evening I did a product demo outside her shop. It was neat connecting with some of the townspeople … sharing info on my products and educational workshops, and selling products.

A few Saturdays ago IΒ took a day trip to the mountains with my mom. We love adventuring around our favorite little mountain towns, shopping the outlets, and whatever else seems fun. We’ve got all our favorite places to go. And a highlight of that day was meeting up with a dear sweet friend – who we last saw at her wedding, almost 2 years ago! What could be better than catching up on life, sipping coffee {with hearts floating in it I might add, thanks to the thoughtful guy who prepared it for us}, and walking around the adorable little mountain towns?

Β And then there’s this exciting piece of news from last week – my fabulous cousin Mary and her husband Andrew, are now selling my products through their yoga studio! ❀


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