12 Days of Christmas

It’s here! 12 Days of Christmas has started. Hop on over to my facebook page, The Country Muffin and join in on the special holiday deals!


Thanksgiving was a fabulous time of fellowship with family and friends – a time of giving thanks and reflecting on the faithfulness and goodness of God. Prior to that I was able to spend a week in the FL prisons with my sisters, ministering to the inmates and sharing the love of Jesus with them.

I’ll be posting more from November later. ❤

15068546_1355709444440906_2831823965644550778_o 15138304_599169730290820_9030752142645251738_o

15123032_1356665034345347_8280265856600068898_o 15137450_1358655257479658_7812962141859066755_o

15272308_1368108069867710_8697235662428513600_o 15252641_1363932823618568_462375506163951048_o

15235577_1776579005924006_793896587087766699_o 15288433_1368164709862046_641194523734113350_o

Hello December! I love you already. ❤


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