What makes a superior candle superior?


I couldn’t be MORE EXCITED about today … one reason being that I’ve just received some FABULOUS new products in the mail.

Brystol’s Place is a lovely little handmade country shop in Vermont…

Brystol is a dear friend of mine who recently married and moved up North. She’s started a new line of PALM WAX, AROMATHERAPY candles – using Country Muffin essential oil singles and blends! How awesome is that?!

Superior Candles


Check out this info on the superior quality of her candles! Believe it or not, most of the candles on the market are spreading toxic chemicals into the air while you’re enjoying their lovely fragrances … and although SOY CANDLES are the big craze, these are very harmful to your health – especially creating hormonal imbalance in women.

There’s a non-toxic alternative!

{All info provided by Brystol, the creator of the candles}:


>> Our candles are made from Palm Wax and scented with organic essential oils. Each candle is hand poured in our home, and each has it’s own unique and individual crystal pattern create by the palm wax’s pouring temperature.

>> Candles are made with Palm Wax. Not only do Palm Wax Candles burn clean, which means they do not emanate lots of soot into the air, they also have the distinct advantage of a long burning time. Palm wax has a very hard texture and feel to it, which means that it does not give way readily, so even under warmer conditions even tapers won’t bend. Customer reports state that the flame is brighter than paraffin and soy candles. Also palm candles have a beautiful crystal look.

>> Palm wax is created from palm oil, which is steam distilled, and does not require the use of chemicals. To make palm wax, the oil is then hydrogenated (hardened) into wax, which also does not require harmful chemicals.


>> Palm oil is a renewable resource and, unlike with soy oil and soy plantations, it requires a lot of manual labor to maintain the palm orchards, providing work for many farmers in Third World countries. Palm wax candles are very hard, smooth and dry. They can withstand summer heat without bending or melting and don’t have an “oily” feel.

>> Due to the nature of Essential Oils, the candles have a very light fragrance and do not emit a lot of aroma while burning. For a stronger scent, light candles and when a pool of wax has formed add a drop or so of your favorite Essential Oil. If you would like to buy some corresponding Essential Oils, please check out my friend’s shop The Country Muffin.

>> Candle wicks are made from organic hemp and dipped in beeswax. These wicks contain no toxic chemicals, no acids, no pesticides, no PVC, no BPA, no formaldehyde, no dioxin, and no heavy metals. You’ll be using 100% organic hemp twine, worry-free. They are coated in an even layer of natural beeswax. The even layer of beeswax insures that the flame will burn uniformly and melt your candle wax in smooth, even layers. Beeswax is a clean healthy and safe wax to pair with our palm wax candles – which are also clean healthy and safe.


The first batch is here! A variety of handmade candles {limited supply!} are available through our Facebook event 12 Days of Christmas. If you’re interested you can also CONTACT US here to reserve candles for the holidays!

AVAILABLE FRAGRANCES: Clove & Herb; Peppermint & Pine; Headache {Our popular oil blend} & Herb; Wellness {Our popular version of Thieves blend} & Herb.

AVAILABLE SIZES: 2″ Pillar, 3″ Pillar, Small Votives, and 6 oz Jars.

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