Here we are, halfway through January … and with each passing day I am so GRATEFUL for the precious BLESSINGS that fill my life.


A late Sunday dinner with the sister {who is now a resident manager at a girls’ ministry home} – nothing like picnicking on the girls’ room floor with Chinese takeout. ❤ I love our weirdness. 🙂


One afternoon this gal took me to try Thai style ice cream – lovely rolls of creamy deliciousness. Who would have thought watching ice cream go into the cup could be SO FUN!? And I think the whole process makes the ice cream taste better. 😉


These guys {friends from church} invited us all along to the zoo on a COLD day. With temperatures of 20s and 30s, we had the zoo to ourselves {literally} for most of the day, and what a BLAST we had! The more the merrier.


One of my goals for last year {which didn’t happen} was to improve my product photography. So here we are working towards that … humble beginnings. Noting to self, that those soaps look delicious and I want to taste one. ❤ 😉


The youngest sister designed herself a label and is now pushing The Country Muffin Healing Salves through her own business – Perfect Pups Training. So if you have a pet in need of some first aid, recovering from surgery, or suffering from skin irritation … hello Petastic Healing Salve! The Holistic Pet Approach. ❤


New product bundles in the shop! The Essential Oil Home Collection combines all 5 blends with 7 single oils every home should have! A collection of products valued at over $220 for just a fraction of the price!


And … the 2017 Home Health Kit – featuring 14 of our best-selling products {at a fraction of the valued price} that we recommend for a healthy, fabulous year! ❤

Here’s to an exciting, productive week ahead.


One thought on “01.17.17

  1. So excited about your progress in your business, the photography, new marketing with the home health essentials, but most importantly that its a part of your lifestyle and gifting. Care for others health and well being = The Country Muffin. Keep up the good work, Sarah!


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