The Perfect Gluten Free Flour {Recipe}

Good Morning! It’s a lovely Tuesday filled with sunshine, house-cleaning, shop tasks … and some delicious from-scratch baking. I ❤ baking. These are some of my favorite happy moments in life.


Gluten free and sugar free aren’t always *voluntary choices*. Sometimes they just happen, and we have to go along with what’s best for our health. But given such circumstances, it’s only fair that we put our whole heart into it, and whip up something absolutely delicious. 😉

That’s why I started creating different gluten free, sugar free, dairy free recipes a few years back … when my brother ran his bakery Something Gourmet. I was the healthier department of the bakery, working with the dietary restrictions that we ran into with a lot of our faithful customers.

It just so happens that we currently have a few in our family with some dietary restrictions – due to various ongoing health issues we are working through. Now when you’re a healthy-food-loving gal it’s not as rough. But when you’re a growing teenage boy … let’s just say that sitting around the dinner table 3 times daily with a special plate of gluten free goodness can be a bit more rough.

Today we have guests coming into town, a birthday to celebrate, and additional gluten free eaters on top of that. What a perfect occasion for something delicious. ❤

At the present I have fresh-baked gluten free carrot cakes cooling on the kitchen counter … awaiting honey-pineapple-cream-cheese frosting.

Is your mouth watering yet? I can’t wait to sample some tomorrow. ❤


This is just one of many recipes that I make using my favorite gluten free flour blend. This is a recipe I concocted a couple of years back, after doing some online research on how to make a gluten free flour blend that *actually* tastes good. Having tried SO MANY different gluten free recipes and flour blends, I’ve quickly noted that most of the blends at my local health shops have a nasty rice or bean taste … or they give my recipes a very unpleasant texture. This blend has been so lovely as a substitute for white flour in just about every recipe I’ve tried. Just be sure to add Xanthan gum with your flour blend, when substituting for a regular grain recipe.

Gluten Free Flour

By The Country Muffin

1 cup Brown Rice Flour

1 cup Sweet White Sorghum Flour

1 cup Almond Flour/Meal

1 cup Yellow Corn Flour

2/3 cup Tapioca Starch

1 1/3 cup Potato Flour/Starch


Combine all ingredients and mix thoroughly. Store in a plastic resealable bag, in the freezer. Be sure to mark your bag and date it!

mg_8841 mg_8843


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