It’s the small things in life that count. Smiles, fellowship around the dinner table, team projects, and spontaneous happy adventures – just because. Cherish the moment, because today will never happen again. ❤ Take time to create beautiful memories with the people you love most.

img_4521 img_4047

We had to re-schedule our winter backpacking trip due to especially warm weather and heavy rains. That Wednesday my mom called me into her room and said, “I’m leaving for Honey Brook Farms tomorrow. Do you want to go with me?” I had no idea. And I’m like “Uh … well … of course!” Thankfully, running your own business provides some level of flexibility for falling off the face of the earth at the most random of times. And an abundance of siblings means that I have a capable team at home to fill in for a couple of days. 😀 ❤

img_4067 img_4072

Wow, I so needed this time away. Time to deal with some big decisions, questions, things going on in this little life of mine … lol. And driving up to VA with my mom was such a beautifully refreshing time – followed by rich encouragement, exhortation, and fellowship with other believers. Such a BLESSING! Time to step back and refresh, re-evaluate, and determine, “Where am I headed? What are my long term goals? What is it that REALLY MATTERS to me? What am I willing to fight for? What will I not compromise on? What do I want my life to look like 10 years from now, and 20?” … and so much more.

img_4431 img_4447

Back at the homestead, guests arrived just 2 days after our arrival. Love these peoples. They came from way up and were passing through on their way to a warm sunny southern vacation. Family time is the best! The twins were such FUN! And the girls are so sweet and precious. Books and toys were pulled from the shelves and bins again … it’s not everyday that littles take over the play room. ❤ I miss this!

img_4448 img_4449

img_4463 img_4020

Time for tea! One day I had a friend come over and together we spent several hours just restocking the store. Teas {all kinds} were mixed up and packaged, as well as oil blends and some new products! Such fun!

Another day, I ran into my mom while grocery shopping at the store. Oh hello! She bought me Starbucks … cherish the moment because you never do know how long it might be before you taste sugar again. LOL. 😉

img_4483 img_4500

I don’t especially love very restrictive diets. But I do love a good CHALLENGE! And my best creative juices flow when I’m challenged. One day I made quiche for lunch. Another day it was peanut butter apple munchies {gluten, dairy and sugar free} for the sake of something that actually tasted along the lines of sweet. So far so good. 1 week down and 3 more to go!

On top of that, we’re back into the workout schedule! Spartan training is pretty fun with this girl, and we try to run 3-4 times/week if we can. Also a group will gather in our big room upstairs to follow a workout app training program. Fun times! You might just see us at the park running trails on a lovely sunny day.

Happy Thursday! I can’t wait to see what today will hold. ❤


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