These 2 Guys …

HaPpY bIrThDaY to these 2 little men …


This is the 1 picture I found of the 3 of us. And here we are, just minutes after waking up from our first CRAZY night on the winter backpacking trip. Snow, wind, and cold … I believe we each woke up about 20 times that first night. And despite the fact that it was 1 or 3 or 4:30 am, we talked and giggled and snuggled closer together as we rubbed the sleep out of our eyes and tried to find a comfortable position on the frozen ground.

This is how we roll.

Josiah is a quiet thinker, with an extremely intelligent mind. Discover a topic near and dear to both your hearts, and an incredibly deep conversation just might follow. Sit down to a game of chess and prepare to fail miserably … lol. 😉 This guy is often my buddy for running, trying new things, and adventuring off to who knows where. He loves hiking mountains, accompanying me into town for business errands, and taste-testing whatever newest creations are being baked up in the kitchen.

Timothy is rambunctious, enthusiastic, outgoing, and quick to leave a very sweet, memorable impression on those he comes in contact with. Where he goes, adventure awaits. People often comment on how much they love this little guy – he is the first to greet people when others might be shy. He is my little math student, and my faithful partner in so many ways. Together we work out, care for the garden, run errands, prepare products for my shop, play on the playground, run/bike the park trails, bake cookies, and everything else in between. When I’m needing a buddy to go along or help out – this is my man.

The both of these sweet boys love to sing around the house, travel the world on Google earth, build fabulous structures out of little legos, and create new inventions from whatever random materials / ingredients might be laying around. On a warm sunny day you you might find them letting out some energy on the trampoline, or playing at the park with siblings and friends.

It’s amazing how quickly life goes by … days turn into weeks and months and years. Little ones who were playing with blocks yesterday are now climbing trees in the front yard and building complex creations that I could never work out in my mind. Cherish today, because tomorrow is a new day and today will never happen again.

Love these guys so much. I can’t wait to see what great things Father has in store for their lives. I look forward to all the exciting adventures we will have today and tomorrow and going forward.


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