Allergy Relief : An Offensive Approach

Spring is in the air … or so it feels on my sunny side of the world. The trees in our orchard are loaded with fresh pink blossoms, and the Daffodils are in full bloom. Oh how I’m loving this weather! ❤


Unfortunately, with the welcome of Spring and all its glory, we deal with other challenges … namely allergies.

I felt it this morning when I woke up with something heavy in my chest. I had lost the better part of my voice … and it took a few cups of Immune Boosting Tea to revive.

No worries though … because I’ve learned that the larger part of my allergy issues can be resolved almost immediately {if not prevented altogther} by using a few of my favorite remedies.

And here they are …

Allergy Oil

This loveliness has practically been a lifesaver. I used to suffer from all sorts of major allergy-related symptoms … but over the years I’ve used this as a preventative and remedy with fabulous results. I rarely experience these symptoms now, and when I do I can usually effectively combat them with this oil. The key is to catch them in the early stages … or even before.

To use, I apply this stuff topically all over my neck, throat, and upper chest and back. I also roll onto the bottoms of my feet, and my wrists. Essential Oils work their way into the blood stream within 60 seconds. Fabulous stuff! And wow do they make a difference! If you’re like me {or the hundreds of people I’ve heard results from on this oil combination}, you just might feel things clearing out within the first few minutes of application.

Check out this post.

Lemon Honey Drinkimg_8318-1

I adore this tea. It’s so incredibly simple, and it makes a world of difference – especially for a sore or itchy throat, congestion, and the “gunk” that builds up in the chest and sinuses when allergy season comes around. I love that the lemon refreshes, energizes {allergies can cause you to feel exhausted at all hours of the day lol} and cleanses, effectively detoxing the body of excess mucous, etc.

So how about a jar of lemonade? ❤

Okay, it’s not quite the same. But with the honey and the lemon it’s quite tasty. Especially for a natural remedy. lol.

Get the recipe here.

Herbal Teas


I’m not a huge tea fan … this may surprise you considering that I have a growing tea line in my shop – all of which I created from scratch using my own recipes. And I do drink these. Yes, but my favorite method is to prepare a sweet iced tea during the Summer. ❤

Decongest Cough Tea is a favorite of mine, as well as the Immune Booster Wellness Tea. I drink these two hot with raw honey and fresh lemon juice if I feel any sick or allergy related symptoms. This morning it was an entire 4 cups of Immune Booster Wellness Tea. Yup, I drank the whole french press solo. 😀

It definitely helped to loosen up the heavy feeling in my chest. Whatever had accumulated there is now gone. My voice is back too. Score! ❤

Raw Honey


Raw honey is one of those remedies that seems to work for just about everything! LOL. I mean google “honey for _____” and there’s probably a testimonial somewhere. 😀 Having been a beekeeper for over 10 years, I truly appreciate the value of raw honey. The stuff that comes dripping out of those frames of wax, so perfectly prepared by such tiny flying creatures … wow! God’s creation is amazing! I also know the superiority of RAW honey that has been harvested without heat or the use of chemicals. So if you can get your hands on something local and organic, go for it!

A spoonful a day {or 2 or 3} has made such an incredible change for many of my friends and customers with persistent allergies. I find that this works best in line with other remedies. I would suggest taking honey on a daily basis along with using essential oils, herbal teas, etc.

What are some of your favorite natural allergy remedies?


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