Life. Another day comes and goes. I feel so small in this great big world. But today I was reminded {yet again} that my little work is a very important part of the greater work that God is doing. Each of us plays a powerful little part – and together we make a difference.


At the start of this year I was challenged by our family study of Romans 12  – how vital it is that I make the most of the gifts and talents that God has blessed me with. So often I would hold back and cling to my comfort bubble … yet I must step out with boldness and courage to bless others. A transformed focus – no longer I, but Christ and others. I resolved to make every effort to serve, give, love, and invest in others; to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the people that I encounter.

This mindset has blessed me incredibly throughout the past 2 months – simple tasks like weekly grocery shopping have become opportunities to minister to people through a smile, greeting, act of service, or words of praise/encouragement, etc. I find myself looking for ways to make the most of today – of this moment. Because right now will never happen again.


How exciting it is to see this fruit born out of little acts of obedience. He is faithful to complete the work He has begun! Today was yet another JOY-filled day as I watched people treat me in return with so much love, respect, kindness, and admiration. It really DOES make a DIFFERENCE! I am watching people be transformed as I seek to show them JESUS’ beautiful loving heart.

I’m so grateful for yet another blessed week behind me. Fun memories made with friends and family, simple acts of service that made a great impression, labors of love for those in need, and perhaps a little crazy weirdness thrown in. Just because that’s how we roll over here. ❤



Ice skating with these guys and gals from church …


Delicious homemade Chinese Chicken and Broccoli – lots and lots and some more for dear friends! ❤


Young adults activity {church} – our first time at an Escape Room. Such happiness! Fun memories and laughter … and our ship sank by 10 seconds. Next time we will surely get out!


When Starbucks makes you a free drink. And a strawberry smoothie at that. Such loveliness when you’re wrapping up day 27 of a family diet/cleanse. ❤

Oh … and as if the week wasn’t already perfect enough, Saturday we started spring planting. Dirt, sweat, sunshine, happiness. Love hanging out with these brothers of mine. And I can’t wait for fresh homegrown organic fruits and veggies!

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Here’s to many more adventures together. I love these simple blessings. The beautiful precious moments that make up my life. God is so good. ❤


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