This life of mine – what an incredible gift. How I take for granted the many BLESSINGS that I receive every. single. day.

Precious moments – together. Memories made with family and friends.

Laughter, craziness, happiness.

Sweat, hard work, challenges, team work.

I love our weirdness and our impromptu adventures.

IMG_4832 IMG_4835

Fun at the beach + sightseeing around historic Charleston. Love!


My favorite “first-aid” plant, growing in the herb garden. Funny, this is the one plant that thrives pretty much all year long. It doesn’t really matter what the weather. One day it was buried under snow … the next morning it was bright green and flourishing, ready to be harvested. 😮

Makes me think about my own spiritual daily walk. How I long to not simply survive the storms of life … but thrive and flourish.



Fun at the park on a beautiful COLD day last week … apparently Winter is still hanging on. We did indeed have the whole park to ourselves, and we took full advantage of it. 😉 For the record, Bella {our german shepherd puppy} went down the twisty tunnel slide … 3 times. 😛 Crazy dog!


LOVE Sunday mornings, traveling the bus route with these little people. We are pretty crazy {i like that about us}, and passionate about loving on those kids who come to church. Let’s be best friends forever, ok?


Sisterly outings happen weekly {grocery shopping for a family of 9 is … pretty special 😉 }.

I always look forward to sharing my passion and products through workshops, training classes, and home parties {pictured above, my first time presenting an Essential Oil workshop at a chiropractic office}. Shout out to Emily for having me come in and getting us a fabulous, very-attentive and interactive group! Loved these ladies! ❤


Gotta love a few minutes before dinner to play a game of Kings on the Corner.


Such precious little things! Romping around behind the old 1800s {working} Lumber Mill, my sister took me to visit these adorable sheep – following an incredibly educational class on using Essential Oils to help with healing from emotional trauma and pain. I cherish the times I get to visit her at the ministry she’s working with.  😀

The truth is … some days {or seasons of life} are difficult. HARD. CHALLENGING. There are times of waiting, fighting, resting. Always we are to SEEK, PRAY, ABIDE, and TRUST our Heavenly Father for His perfect plans and purposes. I can safely and honestly say that some of the toughest battles result in the most beautiful peace, fullest joy and closest fellowship with Jesus. When I am in love with Him – when he is my FIRST and GREATEST love, nothing else can compare to the JOY that fills my heart. To walk closely beside Him with not a doubt or fear is the sweetest thing there is. And this starts with CHOOSING to trust and obey Him – even BEFORE I understand. Before the desires of my heart are in line with His will. Before I can see the outcome or know what His answers are. Yes Father. I will trust and give thanks.

Such a beautiful day here … loving this sweet sunshine and warm weather!

Give thanks for the many blessings you have been gifted with today. God is so good. ❤


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