Got Allergies?

I struggled with *terrible* seasonal allergies for 18 years. I had a love-hate relationship with Spring. But that all changed when I learned about a powerful blend of Essential Oils. 

“I am so thankful that Sarah introduced me to her special concoction because it absolutely works! I started using the oil last week on 3/17 and the results were immediate! I couldn’t believe that it worked so quickly but it did. Since living in the South, my allergies were horrible: itchy, burning eyes, severe nose drip like a faucet, sneezing, coughing and all that! After the very 1st application, all those symptoms were nonexistent. I apply once in the morning and once at night and it’s been working like a charm. Thanks again Country Muffin, you’re a lifesaver!” – Anna C

These 4 Oils Changed My Life …

I’m an outdoor lover. Hiking, camping, sports, traveling … you name it. I run 3 times weekly, and love a good walk down a back country road. So what’s the deal with this allergy stuff? It kills!

They’re Not Just Symptom Relievers.

When I first started using my Allergy Oil Blend I found quick relief. The results were almost instantaneous. Quite seriously … I learned to apply the stuff generously at the first sign of symptoms. Then I got smarter and discovered that it works better as a preventative – slather on each morning upon waking and each evening before bed. The stuff is amazing!

Long Term Lasting Results.

The coolest thing happened! I don’t even use Allergy Oil anymore. It’s no longer an important part of my life. I literally graduated from allergies after about 2 years of faithfully using the stuff {gradually needing it less and less}. Today I may rub some on a few times during the Spring or Fall, but I rarely even notice the symptoms that used to control my life in such a negative way.

Goodbye to itchy/watery eyes, running/dripping nose, congestion, sneezing and coughing. No more!

“My daughter developed some pretty rotten allergies to all things outside this year. She loves being outside, and the idea of pumping her full of allergy meds every day made me cringe. I also don’t want to keep her inside, so I was stuck. Then I tried this allergy oil! She’s only been on it for a week, but her nasal drip and watery eyes have completely disappeared. It’s wonderful! I rub some on her chest in the morning and at night, and it’s made a significant difference, even better than the brand name allergy medications. I’ll definitely be looking for some other products from this shop.” – Sarah H

“Early fall found me with sinus headaches and I used the allergy oil. New to oils I wasn’t sure where to apply it, but I rolled it on my nose and on my temples. Immediately, what I breathed in stimulated and unclogged what needed to come out. Wow! In and Out, just like that! The pressure was relieved. I now carry it in my purse.” – Kippen

P.S. Allergy Oil is on SALE this month! Stock up with Spring savings. ❤

>> Purchase Allergy Oil HERE.


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