It’s a *perfect* Spring day … I’m so grateful for MANY things.

IMG_4956 IMG_4961

Workout continues … love this gorgeous weather for running with siblings, and perhaps a dog or two. ;-). We are pumped and ready to run the Spartan!

Always love me some daddy-daughter time. ❤ to ❤ over lunch and coffee. I may or may not have ordered a burger with *everything* {almost 😉 …} on it.


A few of us took some time to move a few pieces of furniture out of Grandma’s home one afternoon. Yet another fabulous perk to driving a 15-passenger van. 😉

IMG_4990 IMG_5007

Dogs at the vet … Bella took longer, so we hung out in the back of the van for a bit.

After our park workout we sometimes take a breather on the dock or at the playground. ❤

IMG_5012 IMG_5061

Hot salsa from an authentic Mexican restaurant. Good stuff!

Always more products in the making … and orders to prepare. ❤




IMG_5122 IMG_5110

Lovely Spring days are all the more inviting for a walk down the lane. Part of vision therapy with this guy happens in the great outdoors. ❤


Beautiful flowers. God is so amazing!


Life is so very beautiful after the rain storm. I got to thinking about our Spiritual walk. The storms of life are meant to revive our hearts and refresh our souls in the same way. But we must choose to let God do His penetrating work, and trust that He has so much more in mind than the present trying circumstance. He sees the bigger picture – the end results. I pray for a greater Kingdom focus and eternal perspective.


And … when it POURS rain, we go outdoors to dance and play in the puddles.

IMG_5100 IMG_5102

Fresh baked cookies for church. Love baking days! ❤

Happy Thursday! Enjoy this gift of a day! ❤


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