At the End of the Day …

I absolutely adore hearing from my customers. Because they’re so much MORE than people who buy from me. They’re people that I love and care about – that I hope to help in some small way. The work that I do – I fight to help people find lasting results for the issues they’re facing. And if they’ve had persistent issues that are becoming increasingly complicated, so much the more meaningful are these testimonials! ❤

7 weeks ago I shipped an order to a sweet lady who was healing from surgery as a result of a broken foot.  She messaged me this:
“I’m using your Deep Healing Oil and Sore Muscle Salve on my broken foot, which I had surgery on. I used both last night and have already noticed a difference this morning! So much so that I placed another order for myself and for a friend! Thank you so much!! Amazing products.” 
Then again a few days later …
“Amazing results in just a few days!” 
A few weeks later she reviewed these products through my website:
“I purchased the Sore Muscle Salve, along with the Deep Healing Oil, after fracturing 3 bones in my foot. My foot was swollen, bruised, and painful. After using both products for a number of weeks, the swelling has almost completely gone, the bruising is down 90%, and the doctor says my bones are finally starting to heal, as shown in an x-ray. My surgical scar is also improving, thanks to these products. Finally, the salve appears to help with the stiffness in my foot. I am doing some exercises to loosen it up, but after using the salve in combination with stretches, i have increased my mobility drastically. I purchased an additional Sore Muscle Salve for my mother-in-law who just had surgery on her ACL and after just one week of use, her bruising and pain has diminished as well. We both now use the products for everything! Headaches, sore muscles, broken bones, torn ACLs… you name it, we use it…and it works!!”
And today, 7 weeks from her surgery:
“It’s now been 7 weeks after surgery and my doctor is amazed at how quickly I’ve healed – he says I’m 90%+ healed and that my flexibility is much better than other patients he has seen. As you can see bruising and scarring is down as well. I use the product at least once a day, sometimes twice – I need to order more soon!”

And I got to thinking …

You people get to see the cute labels and professional packaging on the store shelves. Baskets and displays overflowing with lovely handmade products, organized by title and type.

You see me at my best with hair and makeup done … when I arrive to teach an educational class on Essential Oils or the Home Health Center. What you don’t know is that more often than not I’ve spent the hour or two before, rushing around the house in what I call my “grungies” … because I may or may not have left something of great importance undone.

You listen as I enthusiastically share my story and talk about my products … and if it’s an educational class I hope you’ll leave with information that you can use to make your home a better place, and help the people you care about most.


But the truth is, my life is complicated. Ridiculously crazy.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t all fun and creativity.

Running an online store can be completely disorganized and disastrous at times.

I’ll admit, I love what I do. But at the end of the day, I often have to pick up the pieces of some big catastrophic mess … and start all over again with a fresh organized list and a well-thought out plan.

Wait. Scrap that. What does an organized business look like anyway? … 😛


You get to see the displays all around town with prettily packaged items. But keeping up with which shops need more of what, and who is running what sale …? Let’s just say that there are days when I step out of the house smelling like homemade cleaning supplies or fresh garden dirt … and dash to the local boutique to restock a particular product before they close. A big happy smile goes a long way when you’ve not had time to put on makeup or fix your hair. 😉


I rent office space for all my extras of this and that … inventory, supplies, ingredients, and the rest. But somehow there are always “projects” spread out on the school room tables. Boxes of this and that which I need for product making or packaging before it can be put away. A growing business means ever-on-going projects of this sort.


Yup I get the privilege of vacationing, adventuring, and falling off the face of the earth at the most random times ever. And yet there’s something about making up for lost time by working around the clock when ones should perhaps be doing other things. Saturday can be another busy work day – just as much as Monday or Wednesday. My quiet late evening reading hour may or may not get forfeited on account of a large wholesale order that is rather time sensitive. And so it goes … there is perhaps less organization to an entrepreneurs’ schedule. Yet more flexibility is not a bad thing at all. ❤


And then … believe it or not there are those events where I set up and let creativity flow … only to pack everything back up 2 hours later because not one single person – that’s right, not one – came out to see me.  I’m pretty sure everyone goes through at least one disappointment like that in a lifetime. 😛 Oh well… moving right along.

Such a Neat Little Thing

People always say “that’s such a fun, neat little thing you have going there?” … and I think to self “you have no idea.” There’s a lot more that goes into running a business *solo* than most people realize. I have to fight to keep my priorities in order, and to put family and my time with Jesus FIRST. Because believe it or not, this business does get bumped when it needs to.

I get to concoct fabulous new creations – exactly how I want them to be. I get to design my own labels and choose my own packaging and write happy notes on my customer’s receipts. I get to pick out a free sample for each order, and write stories for the blog, and hear incredibly encouraging reports from all around the world where my products and writings are at work in people’s homes and lives…

But then there are the other aspects. Finances, records, taxes, keeping up with inventory and product-making, deadlines for orders, numerous emails and texts from people wanting advice and information, event planning, class materials, preparing and shipping orders, keeping up with the stores in town, finding new areas to expand and grow, blogging, researching, learning, developing marketing materials, website issues and sales and listings … updating what’s outdated. Taking people’s advice and seemingly endless ideas {I love ideas!} – and making them into something actual and factual.

So Worth It

It’s fabulous. I love it. I wouldn’t trade what I do for any other line of work, or job. But it’s not enough to enjoy creating something or doing something that you love. It’s the people we fight for – the needs we are meeting and seeing results for. The lasting solutions. The healing and life-changing work. This is what I fight for and work towards each day. This is what I remind myself of when I’m tired of making salve or feeling ill-equipped to present at my next class. It’s so far above and beyond what I can see right now. It’s a life-changing work that I’m immensely blessed to be a part of.


THANK YOU to each of you who have taken the time to reach out and share your story. You have no idea how encouraging it is to receive your testimonials and know that my little work is making a difference around the world. I sometimes take for granted the products that I create from day to day. One fabulous new product can become the same old same old after a while … but hearing your testimonials I am constantly amazed and re-inspired to press on. Day by day. You guys are the BEST! And God is so good. I love this part of my blessed little life. ❤


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