Healing a Jones Fracture – in Less Time

Yet another fabulous reminder of WHY I do WHAT I do … and why I LOVE it!

This email came from a woman who contacted me through my website a couple of weeks back:

“I fractured my foot (jones fracture to the 5th metatarsal and a stress fracture to the 4th) almost 4 weeks ago. I’be been waiting for my new cast to try essential oils and as I googled the best oils for a foot fracture I found your site! Which I am so happy I did because I want a special blend or to make something myself. I am interested in buying the best product from you and wanted to ask what you recommend and the best way to apply it. The problem with my fracture is that there’s very poor circulation and blood flow restricting it from healing within proper time or not healing at all. Any feedback would be wonderful and so helpful, thank you!”

I directed her to my Deep Healing Collection – 4 products that I’ve faithfully used on family and friends for a wide variety of bone and muscle related injuries. I’ve only ever seen huge success using these products. I felt confident that she would see great results in very little time.

Last week I received this follow-up email, after she had purchased the Deep Healing products and used them for about 2 weeks.
“I just wanted to follow up with you like I said I would :)! I went to my almost 6th week appt for my jones fracture. As you probably know, this is one of the hardest fractures to heal without surgery because of the lack of blood flow, the muscles, and tendons that constantly pull at the fifth metatarsal. It can take anywhere from 8 weeks to a year to heal this injury naturally. Today at my appointment, he has confirmed that it’s 80-90% healed and I feel like I owe it to you. I am so thankful and feel extremely blessed that I could cry! Thank you so much.”
Testimonials like this are a continual reminder to me of the goodness of God! How grateful I am for the way that He is using me and my little work in this world – to reach people and change lives. This is what I fight for!
Check out these other testimonial on healing injuries with the Deep Healing Collection!

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