“We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.”

One thing’s for sure. I love doing life with 8 other people. It’s not always easy, rarely organized. There’s more toes to step on, more rooms to clean, more groceries to shop for. We don’t always agree on what to make for dinner, where to go for family vacation, or what movie to watch on Saturday. But at the end of the day I wouldn’t trade this fabulous team for anything in the world.

Always adventuring. Trying new things. Being us – together. A very imperfect team that God is at work in and through.

Love caring for these 3 little berries … my cousin’s adorable children. And oh joy, there is a 4th on the way! ❤


Most afternoons involve a walk down the lane with the littlest man. We may or may not feed the horses some carrots on occasion – and they love us for it. 😉

Once upon a time we decided to try out this thing called the Spartan … and it was so fabulous that we worked up to another one with a larger group. One of these days we just might achieve a Spartan Trifecta.


Vacationing off for the day does tend to happen on a beautiful Saturday. We love hiking, walking the little mountain towns, and picnicking with sports and games.

More berrysitting … and time with the siblings.


One should be well armed on days that involve the DMV or License Plate Agency. So thankful for coffee, and a very happy {favorable} visit to the latter.


Then … this happened. For the first time in the history of us, we ventured to re-finish our hardwood floors downstairs. The project involved MANY setbacks and late nights. Sore people worked tirelessly for extended days. Things hardly went as planned. But fabulous food, fun music, and laughter made it a memorable experience to look back on. ❤ I now know how this works {yay for educational experiences!} … and I truly am thankful to be moving on to new and different adventures now lol.




Sweet ladies from our church brought LOADS of bread and pastries {donated by Panera} for the ministry home my sister works at. Such a blessing!


Following our hardwood floor projects {the final day of clear-coating} we went adventuring off to Honey Brook Farms. Such a joy to visit with our dear friends! This team of people are so dedicated to the work God has called them to {their beautiful family farm} and how they work tirelessly with such sweet willing spirits to serve the community around them and bless others. Such bright shining lights with huge hearts. These people radiate the joy of the Lord and are continually an encouragement to us! We love you Wilkes Team! ❤

Farm chores … baking days … markets … late night shopping … delicious meals … heart to heart and time in God’s Word and rich fellowship. Don’t leave out the laughter, games, and ALWAYS so much FUN!


Part of the team … just missing 12 {the married ones with their littles, and one of ours}.


This week brought us home with MUCH to do. Cleaning, arranging furniture, organizing, LOADS of laundry, unpacking, garden work, yard projects, business ventures to catch up on. The parents took off for a business / belated anniversary trip. Grateful that they could have this time away to grow closer, strengthen their marriage, and refresh. And in the meantime … we may or may not have had a blast and perhaps even done a bit of partying here with the team. Fun food, ice skating, special outings, visits to Grandma’s place, games, friends from out of state … ❤

I am learning that more important than getting all the tasks checked off the list, is investing in each other. Building stronger relationships. Laughing, making memories and having FUN together. Cherishing these beautiful precious years together {the older we get the harder it gets to spend time altogether} and glorying in this moment – here and now. ❤

For the record, we got everything done – and more! 😀 It pays to be a HAPPY hardworking team.


There was that day I brought home those 6 tiny Mint plants … oh how I took great pains to put them in the perfect locations where they would have room to spread and sunshine to thrive. Well … something definitely happened. I feel like a Sweet Tea Farmer. 😉 {pictured – that small “field” is just 1 of the plants :-0 }


On the business side of things, the herb garden is doing amazing! There’s an abundance of Plantain Herb drying for batches of Healing Salves to be made up next week. Today’s projects consisted of re-stocking all Essential Oil Blends. Next up there are tea blends to mix. And I always love when a sibling pops in to help out with shrink-wrapping, labeling, or whatever else might be needing attention.


One evening a dear friend invited a few of us girls to attend the Union Country Crisis Assistance Meeting, featuring “Ms. Clara” from the movie War Room, as the keynote speaker! Oh my, of course we said yes! The event was so beautifully set up with music, dinner, and special speakers including some pastors from local churches. We were refreshed, challenged, and encouraged to press on, keep fighting, and draw nearer to the heart of God. “Ms. Clara” has such a love for Jesus. Hearing and seeing her speak in person was so incredible. She talked about waiting on God in faith, for the desires of our heart; resting in His love and knowing that we are enough just the way He has created us; Trusting the Creator of the universe in every area of our lives; believing that Father is ready and willing to use each one of His children – no matter what their past looks like or what they’re facing at the present … and so much more. A huge thank you to my dear friend Hillary who gifted us tickets to this special, life-changing event. ❤


Ice skating with the team is always a blast … and Mexican may possibly be a favorite of ours.


In case you haven’t figured this out, we love food. We love creating food. We love trying new recipes. And of course we love eating food <3. One of our favorite Italian dishes includes a tomato cream sauce that David and I concocted back in 2014 when we were trying to figure out what to make for lunch one day. It may possibly be the #1 choice for birthday meals.

Ah … we love homemade ice cream cake too. 😀


The truth is, I love this blessed life of mine. God knew exactly what He was doing when He placed me on this team, and gifted me a life alongside 8 other crazy special people. I love them more than life. ❤


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