Spontaneity is the best kind of adventure …

Some mornings we wake up and decide to do something new and fabulous … other days we set out to accomplish something we’ve been planning for a very long time. But the truth is, when you live life with 8 other people, even the smallest simplest chores and tasks can become a pretty grand adventure. 🙂 As one friend likes to say, “it’s all a matter of perspective.” 😉

Barn chores happen once a week while a sick neighbor is recovering. One of the cats just had kittens! ❤


It’s true … scrubbing showers is best done while phone-chatting with besties 1,000 miles away. ❤

I think we discovered that there’s something pretty incredible about trail-running just before sunset … followed by winding down on the dock.

Products in the making!

Last weekend this gal and I {along with a friend} took some time to attend the Oklahoma musical theatre performance – which quite a few of our friends acted in. It was really quite amazing!


Mother’s Day found us off in the beautiful mountains hiking trails, picnicking, wading in rivers, and enjoying beautiful waterfalls. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard with these people over everything and nothing. I remember thinking “there’s truly no place I’d rather be than right here with this team …” ❤

What would one do without big strong handsome brothers?!

Such loveliness was here and there and everywhere …

What a fine looking group of men. ❤

Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing virtuous mom who is constantly sacrificing, serving, and pouring out of herself into others. Thank you for giving up so much of what the world calls success and prosperity, to be a helpmeet and homemaker … together we have the things that truly matter. I love that you are faithful to our family, a virtuous crown to your husband (Prov 4:12) and that you work so diligently to meet our needs and lead us in truth and Godliness.

You have endured so much more than I can ever imagine… yet how you have pressed on and never given up. I have watched so many other moms grow weary and give in … compromise and let down … give up and slack off. You have been faithful to keep waiting, keep trusting, keep praying, keep growing, keep loving. Keep fighting and keep winning.

I love you! Someday (perhaps if I ever grow up )I hope to be like you in many ways. ❤

When 2 sisters find a meadow of wildflowers … they pick daisies until it’s time for Lemon Pie.

Oh my heart … we’ve seen a lot of amazing waterfalls but this one is pretty spectacular!

I love us all together … 🙂

Driving the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Then one evening after watching Oklahoma at musical theatre, we 3 went over {with a guest from out of town} to visit these 2 sweet girls who played roles in the cast. They taught us some of the old fashioned singing and dancing. Such fun!

Another day the littlest guy had an eye doctor appointment in the next state over. And because it happened to be near our favorite beach we made a day of it and most of the family went. This girly is a childhood bestie. Our families connected when there were only toddlers and babies … and we practically grew up together. Life goes on, seasons change, paths wander in different directions. It’s been years since we’ve gone adventuring together. What fun it was to have Christina along!

Then … because I was the only one home that wasn’t sick … this girl and I went to the park one evening. Few things compare to walking paths, swinging on swings, and talking heart to heart while the sun is setting. So blessed to know this girl and watch her growing in Jesus! ❤

Yesterday I found the sweetest note on my mail pile. What an incredible thing it is when you take time to care about the people you connect with. I have never met this gal or spoken with her in person, but what a BLESSING her kind note was to me after a long work day. So grateful to know that even the smallest acts of kindness {replacing an oil that had leaked during shipping} make a difference. ❤

“Adventure isn’t hanging from a rope off the side of a mountain. Adventure is an attitude we must apply to the day to day obstacles of life.” – J.A.


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