Loving this beautiful season of life, filled with God’s abundant blessings … so grateful for these memories from the past few weeks. There is no peace or contentment like that which results from dwelling in the center of God’s will; seeking Him and drawing nearer to His heart; resting in His perfect plans; trusting and obeying though I do not always understand; looking to Him when the circumstances around me are pressing.

There is always sunshine on the other side of a storm. How true this has been in my life as I watch God working in and through me to show Himself powerful. I will look back and be grateful for each and every moment.

The shop is my happy busy place … and with the arrival of Summer there are vegetables, fruits and herbs coming in!



Many an evening are spent at the park or the dock … time with loved ones, a place of peace and quiet to think, God’s beautiful creation.


How important it is to make the most of the little things in life; to create beautiful memories with family and friends; to invest in those who are hurting or need extra love and encouragement; to be refreshed by others who are fighting this battle right along-side us. So grateful for the dear people God has raised up in my life who bless me, and to whom I can be a blessing in some small way.



Homegrown is the best … most especially when it comes to blackberries. 🙂



We discovered this incredible Aviation Museum not too far from the homestead … it was quite the educational experience. We so enjoyed seeing the actual plane from the Hudson River landing back in 2008, and watching the documentary film.

Compassion International did a candlelight vigil uptown one evening … so off we went with siblings and a few friends. How incredible to share truth with so many people in a dark sin-broken world. It turned out that there was a huge festival going on right in the heart of the city and there we were surrounded by the masses. God is so good! 😉

We were even allowed the opportunity to stand front stage {the music was one of the central attractions where people gathered} with our signs and candles for a period of time. Information was passed out, lives were touched.

How important it is that we speak out for those who are suffering – in this case victims of sex trafficking. There is so little talk, it is a seemingly silent topic. And yet it is ALL around us. Everywhere.

After years and years and years of talking about getting kittens … we finally did it. Say hello to Midnight and Princess!


Loved having this dear girl for a weekend!


A family birthday provided the perfect opportunity to go adventuring in the mountains. For the first time in a very long while we all went tubing!


I say it often, but I’ll say it again. I love this blessed life of mine. How very much I have, that I often take for granted.


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