Life is so beautiful. And yet there are some incredibly HARD days. Seasons of waiting, doubting, unanswered questions, fearing. I’m learning how to rest in Jesus, how to trust and obey. He is so faithful. We have a lot to smile about. We have so much to give thanks for. And even when we don’t see the path clearly ahead, life’s better when you’re laughing. I know because there’s a certain friend that I enjoy visiting on the farm a few times a year. When Sarah and Sarah get together – watch out, they will soon be laughing over *everything* and *nothing*. Literally. It happened today over the phone. I called to share hard news, and 20 minutes later we’re laughing about … I can’t even remember?! πŸ˜‰

I love that God uses our pain to shape and grow us so beautifully; that the grass is so much greener after a torrential downpour. I rejoice as I look back over this past year that the seasons of waiting have been SO WORTH IT ALL. Because He sees the bigger picture y’all! God’s got this! He is working, He is moving. And we can’t even imagine how sometimes but it’s TRUTH.


Be faithful. Today as I talked with a friend we were encouraging each other to be faithful in the here and now. Press on and glory in this gift-of-a-moment. Love the little tasks, cherish the passing moment, make the BEST out of the ordinary that you have to do today. Because adventure is what you make it – out of the ordinary things that surround you in life. And those people you are faithful to love and be a Godly example to – they will look back during their hardest moments and remember the Jesus shining out of you that blessed them, challenged them, encouraged them, cared for them.


Loving our abundance of fresh homegrown zucchini! Lots of chocolate zucchini bread went into the freezer … πŸ™‚


Time spent with this little man is time well spent. We thought the horses looked pretty funny. πŸ˜‰


A birthday celebration at church for a very sweet little princess. Love this girl!


I can’t remember the last time we had such an epic grocery shopping trip. Torrential downpour followed by an ice-cream sandwich party in the car.

And … I sure love our little town on a weekday evening. It’s such a peaceful place when one needs space to think, and quiet time alone with Jesus.

Happy Independence Day from most of the family! We helped out with our church’s float in the town parade, then attended 2 pool parties, and walked several miles to eat sno-balls and watch fireworks. Love!


Love me a workout buddy… we visited this new park which turned out to be awesome in a rather traumatic sort of way. Obviously we could use some improvement in the navigation department. When we finally found the trail it was almost time to head back. I ran the full 8 miles the following morning – and a good friend was kind enough to help me out on multiple occasions when I lost the trail. πŸ˜‰


We love quiet Summer evenings on the dock. Fishing, reading, relaxing. Time spent together is really the best. ❀

Love these peoples. πŸ™‚

Happy Wednesday. I’m so grateful for today and all the memories yet to be made!


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