The #1 Insect Repellent and Remedy

If there’s one thing I hate about Summer it’s the bugs. Count me in on ANY outdoor activity involving food, fellowship and outdoor fun. But it’s inevitable that I’ll come home with spotted arms and legs. The bugs love me.

Do you relate?

A few years ago on the 4th of July we were invited to hang out with some friends for a cookout and games prior to the fireworks in town. We had a blast! Of course it was only a short time before I realize that my legs were covered in painful itchy red welts that were swelling rapidly. My friend had some Frankincense Essential Oil on hand and recommended that I try it for relief. There was nothing else to do so I rubbed it on generously!

Not only did I notice an immediate soothing effect but within minutes I was back outdoors enjoying myself, and by the time we were headed off to fireworks I had completely forgotten they existed. Later that evening I remembered and realized that they were practically gone! The massive swollen itchy welts had shrunk down to the tiniest dots and were no longer itchy or painful.

Problem solved!

Talk about something that works quickly and effectively! Frankincense is now on my list of solutions for bug bites… along with my favoriteΒ Itch B Gone SalveΒ that is!

But the story gets better!

A few weeks later I had a lady in town {who owns a small shop} call and ask what Essential Oil I would recommend for an insect repellent. One of her vendors at the outdoor market was getting eaten. I took my best guess {remembering the 4th of July} and suggested that she try Frankincense.

Later I heard that not only did it soothe her insect bites, but she had no more bug issues. No more bites!

Frankincense is my go to insect repellent, and insect bite remedy. This little oil works wonders!

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  • Organic
  • Therapeutic Grade
  • Safe to ingest, apply topically, or diffuse aromatically

9 Essentials for the Herbal First Aid Kit

One of my most vivid painful memories involved a mouth injury from a flying frisbee, when we were miles and miles from anywhere in literally the middle of NOWHERE. As the story goes, this is usually when we realize that we are equipped with absolutely NOTHING. It’s when we most need something, that we often find ourselves without it.

Fortunately for me, I knew how to identify some wild Plantain, and I used the fresh leaves to help with the swelling. However, I found that the real healing began when I got home and used my potent Plantain Oil and some other remedies that I now keep with me. πŸ˜‰

The moral of the story is, be proactive. Take initiative. And be intentional about arming and equipping yourselves for whatever today might hold.

Whether you’re a wild adventurer at heart scaling mountains and running Spartan obstacle mud races … or a quiet simple-minded individual who enjoys good books over a cup of coffee and a stroll through the park … life has a way of bringing unexpected challenges in many shapes and form.

Today I’m posting some of the basic essentials that I keep with me all the time. Especially when I’m heading out on a Saturday mountain hike or something a bit more crazy and adventurous … as I’m prone to be. πŸ˜‰

My Herbal First Aid Kit

#1 Plantain Infused Oil

As easy as wild Plantain leaves are to find in the wild all around, we take them entirely for granted! This potent herbs is so readily available for us and has incredible capabilities to prevent and reduce swelling. Consider a bee sting {or the lip injury I got from that flying frisbee} which will soon swell up and cause a large painful itchy red welt. Plantain can be so effective if used immediately. The potency of an infused oil I have found to be much more effective than even the wild fresh leaves which have to be chewed to expose the juices to the injured area. I recommend ALWAYS having Plantain Oil with you. It is also excellent for pain relief and first aid healing purposes.

Purchase Organic {Fresh harvested from my garden} Plantain Infused Oil here.Β 

#2 Jewelweed / Itch B Gone

Jewelweed is another wild “weed” that grows near wet marsh areas, or along the riverbanks. Look for little orange and yellow bell shaped flowers. You’ve probably seen this herb but haven’t recognized it as the powerful antidote for poison ivy. That’s right! The stems are full of juice which can soothe and bring healing to plant rashes, insect bites and stings, and other itchy situations.

My absolute favorite Jewelweed remedy is the Itch B Gone Salve that I concocted from fresh wild harvested jewelweed plant, to include some other essential ingredients for itching, swelling, irritation, and pain relief. This cooling herbal menthol rub will encourage the healing of poisonous plant rashes, skin irritations {not advised for open or broken skin because of the menthol}, insect bites and stings {ants, spiders, bees etc…}.

Purchase Itch B Gone Salve here.

#3 Frankincense Essential Oil

I quickly discovered the hard way that Frankincense is not only a fabulous #1 insect repellant and #2 insect bite relief. WOW! I’ve heard testimonials of both but I have also witnessed firsthand the power of this oil for erasing horrible bug bite welts.

I now know that I can head outdoors on a Summer evening with confidence … and my Frankincense oil in hand to slather across arms and legs.

Other great uses are for focus / memory / attention span and other brain / neurological conditions. Help your children focus on homework or learn better by diffusing or topically applying some Frankincense.

Frankincense is wonderful for skin issues including problematic skin.

Purchase Organic Frankincense Essential Oil here.

#4 Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender would be the “first aid” essential oil. Think mild burns, cuts and minor wounds, skin irritations, allergies, restlessness, headaches … and the list goes on. I keep Lavender on hand because it is calming and healing. A multi-purpose oil that is gentle and effective for all ages and skin types – and can be applied without any further dilution.

Purchase Organic Lavender Essential Oil here.

#5 Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint has such a huge list of uses … one of my absolute favorite Essential Oils! Think fevers, headaches, stomach aches and digestive issues, coughing, congestion, sleep issues, energy aid, allergies, pain relief. The list goes on.

Purchase Organic Peppermint Essential Oil here.

#6 Herbal First Aid Cream

Everyone loves a good first aid cream. You know, that “boo-boo” balm that little ones come running for with scrapes and bumps and bruises. The problem is, so many of the common, popular first aid creams are toxic. My favorite all-purpose healing balm is so gentle and mild, safe for all ages – yet incredibly powerful and effective. It has saved the day for many a problem including rashes, dry skin, cuts, scrapes, bruises, scars, problematic skin conditions. It goes anywhere on the body {even the lips} and provides a gentle healing soothing effect.

Purchase my favorite herbal first-aid cream here.

#7 Deep Healing Essential Oil Blend

I deal with more bone and muscle related injuries than any other type. Fascinating? Chronic pain is a thing. Look around, I’m sure you know people who are always aching, hurting, or suffering from arthritis and other bone and join conditions. Many of them have seemingly “unsolvable” conditions that can only be helped along. With a family of 9, we deal with our fair share of broken bones and fractures as well. Pulled muscles, pinched nerves, ribs out of place… the list goes on.

Deep Healing Oil is a blend that I absolutely LOVE for all things bone and muscle related. Deeper injuries that require a little extra boost to get that soothing, pain-relieving effect. That’s why I keep this oil on hand.

Purchase the Deep Healing Oil blend here.

#8 Comfrey Infused Oil

Comfrey is the “bone-knit” herb and my #1 choice for broken and fractured bones, cuts, tears, anything that is torn or severed. Because it’s such an unfamiliar herb we often take for granted the power of this green leafy plant that so easily helps to bind back together and bring speedy healing. Excellent also for cuts and wounds. I cannot count the number of testimonials I’ve received where doctors were amazed at the rapid healing of their patient’s broken and fractured bones – due to the application of Comfrey oil on a daily basis. Time is not always the best remedy.

Purchase Organic Comfrey Infused Oil here.

#9 Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne is one of a few ingredients I’m aware of that has the ability to stop persistent bleeding. A wound that won’t stop gushing may be helped by packing cayenne into the bleeding area and bandaging. Yarrow herb is the other ingredient I’ve heard testimonials of. I always keep a small bag of cayenne with me {especially on nature hikes or outdoor excursions} when we’re going to an area that might be easy to get injured.

The Family First Aid Kit

These products are now available in a kit through my web store! Purchase the family first aid kit here.Β 

Homegrown Soap – It’s Back!

Lovely NEW Soap designs are in! Check out these beautiful bars and packaging from my farmstead soap supplier! ❀
– No chemical / synthetic additives
– No artificial dyes or fragrances
– Fragranced with pure Essential Oils
– Handcrafted using farm fresh and high quality ingredients {wildcrafted flowers, homegrown vegetables and herbs, farm fresh milk, etc.}
– Beautiful packaging makes lovely gifts!
– Formulated to nourish and heal the skin including problematic and irritated skin conditions.
A few favorites by type:
>> Dry flaky, chaffed skin {psoriasis, eczema, etc.} – Lavender Goat’s Milk, Nettle and Aloe, or Cedarwood Pine Tar.
>> Aging / mature skin – Cucumber Yogurt, Lavender Goat’s Milk, Rosehip
>> Detox, cleaning – Coconut Charcoal
>> All skin types – Calendula {the beautiful skin herb}
Also, mix and match your favorites – ANY 3 for a bundle discount!