Brighten Someone’s Day … Autumn Gift Baskets are Here!

When’s the last time you gave a gift … just because?

Share a little country love with someone special in your life. I’ve been passing around some happiness in my little town and y’all people LOVE to be remembered and thought about. A simple gift will MAKE THEIR DAY. Because who doesn’t want to feel loved? Just because.

These bundles of loveliness are looking for a home … and they are one of a kind so grab your favorites!

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Hello September! Where has this year gone? Reflecting on so many happy memories from the Summer today and here are a few of them …

IMG_8712 IMG_8713

Carrot cake cheesecake dessert. ❤ Thank you very much to my Pinterest board, I believe the family voted it was a success!


Love me some time with my guys. I found someone that I can *almost* keep pace with. My dad is my hero. 😉

And of course if there’s one store that the *whole* family enjoys it would have to be the Bass Pro Shop. 😉 I rode along with the guys last week to get a repair done on our crossbow, and we had fun looking around. 🙂

Out and about in my happy small town. Managed to capture the last of a lovely rainbow. One of the most vibrant I’ve seen in a *very* long time.


The shop keeps me busy. My happy projects, headed to fabulous homes. 🙂


Shabby Chic Boutique did their grand refresh and reveal in August … which I was privileged to attend and feature products at. This just might be my favorite display of The Country Muffin products in Waxhaw. 😉

My lovely friend Adele hosted a fabulous party! Loved hanging out with her group of sweet, interactive ladies. Looking forward to more parties and workshops with her and the other massage therapists {Waxhaw Health & Wellness} going forward.


For the record, she gifted me a massage back when I joined the office – just because she’s amazing like that. And I have to say, look out world! There’s a fabulous massage therapist in my little town and I’m going to be supporting her! ❤ So if you’re local to the Charlotte area, check out Adele at Waxhaw Health & Wellness. 😀

With filling orders, there is *never* a dull moment. ❤

Shout out to Alexis with Her Growing Tribe {subscription box service for pregnant mamas}. She’s mailing these happy Country Muffin teas off to her clients all over the US. I love special orders like this one. ❤


Always I love me a little time with friends. And when they join in on the shop work, we go out for ice cream to celebrate the success of hard work and accomplishments! Thank you ladies!


Outings with the littlest man keep me on my toes. Adventure abounds. And I cherish this because he’s growing up so quickly!


An incredible person gifted me a shopping trip to Marshall’s. So fun! Love great finds and the best of the clearance deals!

Another sweet friend took us all to the movies one evening. Sister time.

Evenings on the dock are *the best* … especially when the breeze is blowing and one has just completed several miles of trail-running.

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So thankful for a grace-filled week in PA with the family for grandma’s funeral. What a privilege to visit with the relatives we haven’t seen in over 6 years. And time together away from the usual day-to-day busyness of life allowed for fun adventures, sweet memories, and drawing together as a team. ❤


This always encourages me. ❤


My dear friend Abigail came into town for the day! Shout out to my fabulous friends who own the best little shops in town! We will be seeing some of Abigail’s incredible hand-knit and crocheted products in Waxhaw soon! So excited for her lovely little business, Handmade by Abigail. Looking forward to doing some parties and workshop events with her as well. 😀


Restocking products in town … AND cleaning out the storage room. When it rains it pours. And given enough time in the back of the vehicle it’s likely that I’ll spare myself a lotta re-packaging. Lesson learned a few years back. 😉


The last of the strawberry jam … all going to one fabulous lady who obviously adores strawberry jam as much as I do. Goodbye Summer.

Friday nights we always have breakfast for dinner. Waffles are like happiness.


NC Mountain Apple Festival! It’s been *so long* since we went to this and we totally would jump into the car the morning of and just do it! 🙂 So much fun. We laughed, ate sugar, bought some cute stuff from the vendors … and rode fabulous rides. Note to self, it has been a *very long time* since I rode the strawberry, and it needs to be a *very long time* before I do it again. Haha. 😉

Spartan workout! Love these peoples … we may not always stick together on the trails but we make a fabulous team. And we are totally running the Spartan Super this Fall! ❤

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Labor Day we went adventuring in the NC Mountains at one of our favorite parks – Julian Price Memorial Park. Found a lovely hiking loop around the lake just up the street – success! We also did some cooking out, volleyball, games … and napping. For the record, it felt like the whole world decided on the same park. 😉

Nothing like hopping into the van after a very LONG FULL day, and finding that the battery is dead. Oops. The littlest man had no problem finding a guy with a big tough truck who was not only happy to do it for us, but recently engaged to be married AND from the next town over. It’s a small world. 😀

Happy September y’all. ❤

Back to School … Got a Wellness Plan?

I sat down with the little man for math today, and it dawned on me. 2017 is over halfway gone … and I’m about to say hello to the craziest, busiest season of the year. #helloFall

School is here! What’s your wellness plan? Do you even have one?

I’m stubborn when it comes to this offensive mindset thing. Get past the idea of dealing with sickness as it comes. Why wait until you’re grouchy and miserable when you can build your battle plan? Take steps of action to keep your household healthier and happier.

It really matters when you have 9 people in your family. We stop talking the talk and get walking the walk in a hurry. Because you learn fast that when something hits one, it sweeps through to the better part of the bunch. #nothanks

So here’s to gearing up for another fabulous school year!




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