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 The Problem With Organic

Powerful Healing Herbs for Breaks & Fractures

7 Essential Herbs

Broken Toes: 4 Steps of Treatment That Really Work

Bruised Periosteum Part 1 and 2

Sunburn – The Most Effective Natural Treatment

Hot/ Cold Treatment for Pain Relief

Relieve Allergies With These 4 Essential Oils

4 infection fighting essential oils

You Saved My Son: Essential Oils For Asthma

Colds & Sickness – my family’s favorite cold & sick remedies

DIY Soothing Wellness Drink

It’s Worth 160 Billion to Americans


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  1. Thanking God for finding your blog! Ive been speaking about a vision God gave me and wanting so badly to start my own business with Essential oils, Organics, etc. For helping heal others as well as myself. Not able to work a job, finances are an issue to buy essential oils & in prayer asking God to give me instructions on which way to go to get started; this is it! Im encouraged and excited now! Thank you…

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